Helena Chmelíková

She was clearly born with a certain amount of creative and manual skill. She then perfected the skill and talent, with which she had surprised those around her from any early age, when studying at the Glass Applied Arts Secondary School in Železný Brod, whereupon she was fully absorbed by the atmosphere of glass beauty.

Attracted by working with glass costume jewellery, she enthusiastically began to devote herself to this fi eld professionally after successfully completing her studies. She has acquired invaluable experience when conceiving simple and easy to produce costume jewellery collections. She always uses her own ideas and fun-fi lled solutions when creating exclusive costume jewellery to supplement fashion clothing by signifi cant fashion designers such as Josef Taptuch, Beata Rajská and Tatiana Kovaríková.

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects and the stylisation of new fashion trends at Preciosa Ornela, a.s. At present, her creations made from the beads and seed beads in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand are taking over the world via prestigious hobby magazines, such as Bead&Buton, Bead Style, Making Jewellery or Perlen Poesie.