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Difficulty: 3
Techniques: Linking

Earrings with filigree caps and PRECIOSA Tubes

Try making these rippling earrings with the new PRECIOSA Tube Seed Beads. You can choose from surface finishes with a black or crystal base. Various tones of blue or cool green are also available. Be sure to make use of all three lengths: 40 x 3 mm, 50 x 3 mm and 60 x 3 mm.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Material and Tools


Filigree caps (with holes around the circumference; one with a diameter of about 12 mm – 2x; the second with a diameter of about 8 mm – 2x); a 12 mm eye pin; 50 mm, 60 mm and 70 mm eye pins or a 0.80 mm wire; small ovals; earring hooks


Needle-nosed pliers; flat-nosed pliers; snipping pliers



You will need about 8 to 10 mm of wire to twist the wire around the point of the pliers, depending on how big the point is. Shorten the protruding section of the wire for the second eye. Grasp the protruding wire between the points of the needle-nosed pliers. Twist it around the points. This will create an eye. Gently twist the eye back. It will be located centrally above the hole of the T.

You can hang a larger or smaller number of pendants on the caps you have chosen depending on the number of holes around the circumference. The ovals will help resolve any eventual distances between the loops and the eye pins.

Step 1


Hang ovals on the larger cap. Open them, thread them through a hole and close them using the flat nose pliers.

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Step 2

String 1x FPB onto an eye pin. Twist an eye. Thread it through the eye on the 50mm eye pin before closing.

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Step 3

String a T4 onto the eye pin. Twist an eye. Thread it through an oval on the cap before closing the eye.

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Step 4

Create pendants on the remaining ovals.

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Step 5

Long pins. Snip the wire. Straighten it. Twist an eye on the end. String 1x T5 onto the wire. Twist the second eye. Thread it through a hole on the smaller cap before closing it.

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Step 6

Hang 1x linked FPB on the empty eye.

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Step 7

Create pendants on the remaining holes.

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Step 8

Put 1x T6 on the wire. Thread it through the hole in the 50mm eye pin before closing it. Hang 1x linked FPB.

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Step 9

String 2x R, the small cap with the pendants, 1x H, the large cap and 2x R onto an empty eye pin.

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Step 10

Tighten it and snip off the wire. Twist an eye. Connect an earring hook before closing it.

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Step 11

Create the second earring

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