Smell the flowers

Difficulty: 3

Sewn pin with PRECIOSA Engraved Pip

We have supplemented the very popular PRECIOSA PipTM Pressed Bead with the larger PRECIOSA Engraved Pip shape with dimensions of 9 x 14 mm. As the name suggests, it is distinguished by three grooves on both sides. These enable the play of color and shade, which you are sure to welcome in the metal-plated and single-color finishes.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

String 6x EP onto the line. String 1x R between them and after the last EP. Tie off the ends of the line.

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Step 2

Thread the line through the 1st EP by the knot. String 1x P. Thread the line through the EP again in the same direction. Also add P above the other EP and string R between them.

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Step 3

Interconnect the P and add 2x R between each of them. Thread the line through them one more time. Complete the circuit in the P.

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Step 4

String the C with the rounded side upwards. Start with the right-hand hole. Thread the line through the opposite 2x R. Thread the line through the left-hand hole of the C. Thread the line through the opposite P. The R between the P remain without the line threaded through them. Sew it in and locate the knot in front of the P.

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Step 5

Straighten the EP so that they are regular. Glue the flower onto the base on the pin.

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