Crocheting with Preciosa

Difficulty: 2
Technique: Crocheting
Designer: Jaroslava Růžičková

Crocheted Costume Jewellery Set

Crocheting is nothing new. It is one of the simplest hand-craft techniques and it can be done by everybody. The inventive combination of crochet with the use of a flexible stringing of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand gives rise to an interesting and effective result which will surprise everybody who tries it. This technique requires the combination of a sufficient amount of interestingly arranged beads and seed beads, a flexible stringing material and a medium-sized crochet hook together with a certain degree of playfulness and interest in achieving an original creative result. The reward will be the enjoyment from the very simply procedure used to create an impressive product. We wish happy beadworking :o). 

Materials & Tools

Materials & Tools

Flexible stringing material (Opelon, Elastomer or Lycra), a stringing needle, a hook, scissors, a ruler

The metal parts: a basic hoop for the necklace and the bracelet, earring hooks

A stringing needle, a hook, scissors, a ruler


Step 1

The basis of the effective result when using this technique is the regular arrangement of the beads and seed beads which you intend to string and subsequently use in crocheting. We have alternated between four types of beads and seed beads in our example (figure no. 1a). 

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Step 2

Unwind the flexible stringing material from the spool and string ca 1 m of beads and seed beads. Do not yet cut the stringing material off the spool. 


Step 3

Take the hook and create the basic loop at the beginning of the stringing (figure no. 3a). Create every further loop after the set number of strung beads and seed beads. In our case, we have always separated 3 beads and crocheted another loop onto the flexible stringing (figure no. 3b). Continue in this way until all the strung beads and seed beads have been completely used up. Tighten the stringing appropriately when crocheting in order to ensure sufficient strength and flexibility in the crocheted stringing stringing.

How to create an additional loop

(figure no. 3b - 3f)

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Step 4

The result of the crocheted beads and seed beads will measure ca 18 – 20 cm according to the degree of tightening. Now cut the stringing material off the spool with a reserve of ca 8 cm and pass the end through the last loop. You can tie both ends together with a double knot in order to create a flexible bracelet.

Step 5

If you have necklace and bracelet hoop, string the crocheted stringing onto it using the crocheted loops (figure no. 5c). The basis of the necklace requires a 1 m stringing, while 0.5 m is sufficient for the bracelet and 10 cm for the earrings.

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