Carmine poinsettia

Difficulty: 4
TECHNIQUE: sewing (the peyote stitch)

Broach made from PRECIOSA Two-Cuts

Is patience one of your strengths? Try sewing a red poinsettia using PRECIOSA Two-Cuts. It will last a long time and won't require any special care or shade, but it will have no problem with a draught. Delight yourself and your loved ones. Incorporate the poinsettia into your own design or use it as a decoration. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

Create 5 ruby petals with red ribs, 4 ruby leaves with pink ribs and 3 leaves with red ribs. You can arrange them as you wish. Choose seed beads that have the most similar shapes when sewing.

First create the basic loop out of 1x R, 1x TC, 1x R, 1x TC and 1x R. Then use the peyote stitch. The central rib consists of 1x TC, 1x R and 1x TC. Add 1x TC to each of the sides. Use a chain stitch loop (embroidery with a thread) in some cases when transitioning from one row to the next, at the edge of the base and on the edges of the sides.

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Step 2

Outline a hexagon on the sieve according to the placement of the holes. Thread the line through the holes and tie it to the base of the sieve. Place the base of the petals onto the sides of the hexagon. Sew each petal to the sieve at the site of the initial R. Thread the line through a hole in the sieve from behind. Catch the line between the R. Return to the back of the sieve through a hole. You can tie off the ends of the line and then continue.

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Step 3

Create the second layer of petals. Sew three petals at the same distance from the centre of the sieve as the petals in the lower layer, but above the joins between them.


Step 4

Add the second layer of petals. Sew on the remaining three petals slightly closer to the centre of the sieve. The edge of the base will be at the same level as the initial R of the previous petals.

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Step 5

Form a circle out of 1x IP8, 1x IP4, 1x IP8, 1x IP4, 1x IP8 and 1x IP4. Thread the line through it twice.


Step 6

Sew the IP circle to the sieve. Place IP8 in the empty projections on the sieve.

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Step 7

Sew R6 into the centre. Place 4x R10 under the centre bead. String 1x R6 and return to the R10. Place the remaining R6 in the gaps between the IP8.

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Step 8

Sew a semi-circle of 6x R11 around the outside of the IP4.


Step 9

Sew on a semi-circle of 7x R11 outside the IP8.


Step 10

Secure the line at the back so that it does not stick out past the edge. Glue on the base.

You can also use the poinsettia as a decoration on a gift. Add a ribbon and create a necklace or a bracelet. Or you can play around with the shape of the petals. You can use the sewing principle and different sizes of PRECIOSA Two-Cuts or put other variants together.

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