Difficulty: 3
technique: weaving

Woven bracelet made from PRECIOSA Rocailles in Solgel colors

Preciosa Ornela is the producer of the widest range of glass seed beads in the world. One of the most popular color finishes is the so-called Solgel finish. The color range of thirty shades in three levels of opaqueness applied to seed beads made of crystal glass, including beads with a silver lining in the holes, and seed beads made of alabaster and white chalk offers a total of three hundred sixty variants.

In this project, we present the use of rocailles from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM in a selection of thirteen Solgel shades in a woven bracelet with a floral motif.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Other materials

A magnetic ending on a 4 cm ribbon; it can be replaced with crimp endings; rings and the fastening.


A thin and medium thread (Belfil-S 30 – the warp, the end; Belfil-S 30 – the weft); a long thin needle; scissors; a small loom; a thicker tailor's needle; super glue, flat nose pliers (for closing the rings); glue for absorbent/non-absorbent material (gluing on the ends); a rubber mallet (closing the crimp elements).


The bracelet is 4 cm wide (25 rows). The woven section consists of 71 columns. The total length of the bracelet with the fastening is 18 cm.

Step 1

String a warp out of 26 strings. Use a neutral shade (cream, light grey). Tie the thread to the edge of the loom. String the thread from one side to the other 26 times. Tie the end to the edge.


Step 2

Start stringing the individual rows according to the illustration. Start from the section with the violets. Pull off or cut off the long thread aslant (at about the length of an arm span). Cut the fine "fluff" off from the end. String the thread directly into the needle's eye. String 25x R10 according to the illustration. Move them to the end of the thread. Leave about 20 cm of free thread at the end. Press the R10 to the warp from below. String them in the opposite direction from above to create the weft. Initially, the weft will be difficult to tighten. This problem wil resolve itself once several columns have been completed.

2 / a

Step 3

The continuation of the tread. Create a complete column on the remaining thread. Once again, leave about 20 cm of thread free at the end. String a new thread. Leave about 20 cm of thread free at the end. Continue weaving the 3rd – 4th columns. Tie off the end of the thread with two knots. You can pull them into the R10 or you can do this once you have woven the entire bracelet. Both ends in the same column.

3 / a

Step 4

At the beginning and end of the woven section, pull the free thread into the column of R10. Secure it with a double knot. Pull it through several R10 once again and cut it off.

Step 5

Weave the end band and then attach or adhere it to the endings. String the thicker thread into the eye of the bigger tailor's needle. Start weaving through the warp with the needle after the woven section, approximately from the centre to the edge. Then weave through the warp in its entire width. In doing so, you will create about 0.5 cm of textile weft. Finish in the middle once again. Strengthen the bands with super glue. Once it has dried, cut the warp off from the band.


Step 6

Assembly. Adhere the bands to the endings. If you have crimp endings (with teeth at the edges), crimp the endings and insert the band. Carefully press them closed or tap them with the rubber mallet. Attach the fastening to the eyes on the crimp endings using the rings.

6 / a


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