Framed beads

Difficulty: 2
Technique: Basic Beadweaving, brick stitch

Necklace made from table cut beads

Preciosa Ornela presents new table cut beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. A new bead has been created by cutting an oval pressed bead with interesting surface modelling which has been included in the range of fire polished beads thanks to these two parallel polished surfaces. It is available in the 19 x 10 mm sizes. The geometry of the flat round 14 mm pressed bead is strictly divided by perpendicular dimples covered with various types of surface finish. The double-sided polishing of the cross projection and the subsequent additional polishing of the surfaces has given rise to a bead with a hint of gothic history. The combination of luxury table cut beads faced with unique seed beads made from atlas glass will enable you to create an original necklace, a bracelet or entire costume jewelry sets. The individual table cut and fire polished beads are sewn together behind the seed bead edge in the order which you designate. We wish you much inspiration when working with beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand :o).


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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You need to face eight beads. You can variously combine the colours when facing the beads or assembling the necklace. We recommend that the most vibrant colours should be placed in the middle and that the beads should be slightly turned.

Step 1

Facing the beads is very simple. Initially create the basic trim along the circumference of the bead. String the beads onto the needle and the line and add the necessary number of seed beads onto one half of the bead (according to the used material). Thread the needle and the line from the second side of the bead and string the seed beads onto the second half. Tie off the line. Thread the line through the seed beads on one half and add one seed bead to the gap above the hole. Thread the line through the second half of the seed beads and once again add one seed bead above the hole. Thread the line through several more seed beads and then you can continue with the facing.


Step 2

The basis of the facing is the small arch made of three seed beads. Add seed beads to it in twos.
String 3x seed beads. Insert the line into the gap behind the next seed bead on the trim. Thread the line back through the last strung seed bead. Add 2x seed beads. Once again secure the line in the gap behind the next seed bead. Return to the last one. String two seed beads again. Continue in this way until the entire bead has been faced. Only add one rocaille to the last arch, as the side ones are already prepared. Sew in the line. 
You do not have to use every gap between the rocailles in the trim. Leave one gap in the case of the small rocailles. Or you can leave out one gap on the straight plane of the oval bead. Sew in the individual fragments. Always tie together two and two  outer rocailles from the adjacent seed bead trims. 
Mostly use the seed beads in the vicinity of the bead holes shape the necklace into an arch and at the same time. You can change the turn of the beads in the central fragments.

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Step 3

Sew small seed bead loops onto the top by the outer fragments. Prepare the chain (12 and 20 cm) in advance. String the seed beads, thread the line through the outer rocaille and add another new rocaille and the chain. Thread the line through everything one more time and tie it off. Sew in the end.


Step 4

Attach the carabiner to the shorter end of the chain using the oval. Link one of the beads to the longer end.
Advice: Adhere one fragment to a ring. Or create two fragments the same. Sew on loops and hang them on an earring hook. Similarly, one faced bead can also be made into a broach or pendant.

4 / a


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