LIBA Colors 96

Fully compatible fusing glass with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand

LIBA Colors 96

The collection of colored smoothly fusible glass under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand

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We offer this semi-product in the form of casted rods


LIBA Colors 96 is semi-product produced in the form of casted rods.

It is suitable for processing with various melted connection techniques (for example, fusing) and can be used to produce melted colored objects which are subsequently shaped.

The glass composition has been optimised so that all the colors are compatible and do not crack during any subsequent processing.

The physical and chemical parameters have been regulated to ensure compatibility with the LIBA Glass Chunks.

LIBA Colors 96 glass rods are suitable for processing with various melted connection techniques, such as fusing.

It can be also used to produce melted objects
which are subsequently shaped.


LIBA Colors 96

Range of 16 colors:

00035   LIBA 2000+ DSS
01300   white opal DSS
10030   topaz DSS
20300   violet DSS
23980   black DSS
30010   sapphire DSS
40010   smoke grey DSS
50610   blue peridot DSS
60010   aquamarine DSS
60200   green aquamarine DSS
70000   pink crystal DSS (UV active)
80010   amber DSS
80130   anna yellow DSS (UV active)
82010   amber alabaster DSS
90070   rubyDSS
92070   ruby alabaster DSS


LIBA Colors 96

00035 - LIBA 2000+ DSS

01300 - white opal DSS

tempering color

10030 - topaz DSS

20300 - violet DSS

23980 - black DSS

30010 - sapphire DSS

40010 - smoke grey DSS

50610 - blue peridot DSS

60010 - aquamarine DSS

60200 - green aquamarine DSS

70000 - pink crystal DSS (UV active)

80010 - amber DSS

tempering color

80130 - anna yellow DSS (UV active)

82010 - amber alabaster DSS

tempering color

90070 - ruby DSS

tempering color

92070 - ruby alabaster DSS

tempering color


it is necessary to reheat the rods to achieve the final shade

01300   white opal DSS
80010   amber DSS
82010   amber alabaster DSS
90070   ruby DSS
92070   ruby alabaster DSS

Glass composition has been optimised so that all the colors are compatible and do not crack during any subsequent processing

UV light reaction

Color change example of UV active glass under UV light

70000   pink crystal
80130   anna yellow / uranium glass


Are you interested in the LIBA Colors 96 glass rods?

For further information or orders, please contact your dealer

Petr Sucharda

Sales Representative

for customers from the Czech republic

Eva Hudská DiS.

Sales Representative


LIBA Colors 96

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Creative Studio SKUBB

LIBA Colors 96 in practice

Series of glass objects made using the LIBA Colors 96 glass rods

Learn more about SKUBB

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