Difficulty: 3
Techniques: basic beadweaving (Square Stitch), stringing

Necklace and bracelet made from PRECIOSA Pip™

We have prepared the PRECIOSA Pip™ bead with distinctive color decors created using modern laser technology for the playful, talented and creatively oriented among you. You can mix and match the patterns and shades and create a happy, coquettish accessory.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

The circle
The three P variants are used in each circle in the same numbers, i.e. 4 of each.

String 2x R10. Thread the line through the first of the strung R one more time. Use the principle of the right-angle stitch. Additionally string 1x P. Repeat the stringing of the R and the P a total of 6 times. Connect the stringing by threading the line through the R.

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Step 2

Insert the needle into the top R. Additionally string 1x P. Thread the line through the other top R. Continue in this manner along the entire circumference. All of the P should be turned in the same way as in the 1st row. Connect them in the R. Tie off the ends of the line. Pull them into the surrounding beads.

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Step 3

The necklace
The central part of the necklace consists of 7 two-row circles.

The stringing
String about 10 cm of thin tailor's thread into the needle. Tie off the ends. This will create a large loop. String the thread into it. Fold it in half.


Step 4

Make a large knot at the ends of the thread. String a cup tip. Start the stringing at the sides and finish in the direction from the cup tip: 1x R10, 1x FPB, 1x R10 and 1xs FPB. Create 7 sewn circles in the middle of the stringing with 2x 6mm FPB and an R10 between them. String the cup tip at the end. Carefully tie a largish knot in it. Shorten the threads after the knots. Hide them in the cup tips. Close the cup tips.

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Step 5

The fastening

Create loops on the cup tips. Attach the chain to the loops. Adjust the length of the chain as needed. The total length of the pattern is 40 cm. Attach the carabiner and the counter-ring to the end of the chain using a ring.

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Step 6

The bracelet

You will need 14 sewn circles. Double string Opelon onto a large needle and fold it in half. String the circles with 2x FPB and 1x R7 between each of them. Tie off the Opelon under one circle using three knots. Cut it off.

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