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Difficulty: 2
Technique: stringing, linking

Creole earrings

Color and summer go together. And Very Peri is one of the colors of summer 2022. Choose your favourite colors and create a bold set of earrings with three circle layers. Take your inspiration from the tones and mood of the 2022 spring/summer trends. Use the seed beads from the PRECIOSA Terra Intensive range and combine them with the opaque shade 23420.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Memory wire with a diameter of 5 cm; 4 mm rings; earring hooks; a fine chain (10 links – 2.6 cm)


Large snipping pliers (for the hard memory wire); needle-nose pliers; small snipping pliers (for the chain); flat-nose pliers


Step 1

Cut a loop from the wire with an additional 2 cm overlap.


Step 2

Make an eye on one end of the wire. Twist it so that it lies horizontally. Grasp the wire firmly between the round points of the pliers. Patiently twist it around the point. Finish the twisting process. Carefully twist the wire at the neck. If necessary, adjust it using the flat-nose pliers.

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Step 3

String 18x R10 onto the wire.


Step 4

String 9x R8.


Step 5

String 6x R6.


Step 6

String 3x R1.


Step 7

String 6x R6, 9x R8 and 18x R10 in the opposite order.


Step 8

Shorten the wire to about 8 mm. Patiently and carefully make another eye in the same way as in Step 2. Be careful that the R10 don't slide. You need the eyes you have created to lie next to one another. You can modify the shape of the circle (gently bend and press it). If this is not successful, you have to add the ideal number of R10 to all the circles. Finish shaping the eyes with the flat-nose pliers at the end.

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Step 9

String the light purple and dark purple circles in the same way.

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Step 10

Snip off 2x 3 links of chain or 4x 3 links so that you have them for the second earring.


Step 11

Connect the eyes created on the pink circle with a 4 mm ring. Add a link from the chain and close the ring.

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Step 12

String one of the eyes from the dark purple circle, the free link of the chain from the pink circle, the second eye from the dark purple circle and a link of a new chain onto a ring. Close the ring.

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Step 13

Connect the light purple circle in the same way. The only difference is that you should add an earring hook instead of a new chain link.

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Step 14

Create the second earring.