Difficulty: 2
Technique: twisting

Necklace and bracelet set

You can enjoy a great deal of fun, inspiration, new ideas and experiences with the playful new PRECIOSA PermaLux pallet of colors. We have combined warm pastel skin tones to create delicate, effective accessories that you can easily and quickly make yourself.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

The bracelet

Prepare a piece of cord about 22-24 cm long. Cut off about 40 cm of thread. Twist it around the cord several times about 1 cm from the beginning. Tighten. Create a narrow neck with a height of about 2-3 mm. Tie off the ends using three knots. Place them close to the edge of the cord. Cut the ends of the thread off to 2-3 mm.

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Step 2

Cut off any excess at the end of the cord. Clean the ends. Test to see whether the cavity of the end piece sits well on the prepared neck.

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Step 3

Prepare about 2 m of nylon line. Thread it into the eye of the needle. Move the needle to the middle of the line. If the line twists, pass the needle through it several times. It will straighten up. Thread it through the cord about 2-3 cm from the neck. Exit with the needle about 1.5-1 cm in front of the neck. Pull almost all the line through. Leave about 5 cm of line extending at the end. Create a knot at the site where the line emerges. Thread the line through the small section of the cord (a few times). Create a loop in the line. Pass the line through the loop two times and tighten it. Stretch out the cord again. Emerge with the needle about 1 mm in front of the neck. Cut off the protruding 5 cm.

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Step 4

Prepare five colored heaps of R10 (use the entire amount – 5 g). You can string the R10 as you wish. Push the needle into the piles. The R10 will thread onto it by themselves. Occasionally mix up the piles. String the line in sections of 20-30 cm.

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Step 5

Move the strung R10 along the line up to the neck. Hold the end of the R10 on the line with one (your right) hand. Hold it gently; the R10 should be able to "move" along the line by themselves during the twisting process. Gently hold the cord with you other (left) hand. Also allow the cord to twist slowly as you twist on the R10. Start twisting the R10 around the cord. It will be difficult at the beginning, so proceed carefully. The work will move much more quickly once you have twisted about 2 cm. The twisted R10 should have a bumpy effect without there being any gaps between them. After twisting the strung R10, thread the line through the cord. Emerge between the last twisted rows. Thread the line again through the several last R10 from the place where the needle emerged.

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Step 6

Continue stringing R10 in sections and twisting them on. Stop stringing about 15 cm before the end of the line (15 cm from the needle). Thread the needle through the cord after twisting on the strung section. Emerge with the needle about 1 cm away. Create a knot. Thread the line through the section again. Cut off the end of the line.

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Step 7

Prepare 2 m of nylon line again. Once again attach it to the cord in the same way as in Step 3. String several R10 from the end of the twisting at the beginning. Continue stringing and twisting.

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Step 8

After twisting 17-17.5 cm of cord, finish the stringing. Sew the line into the cord in the direction towards the twisted section. Cut it off.

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Step 9

Twist the line around the cord about 1 mm from the R section in the same way as in Step 1. Then cut off the excess part as in Step 2.

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Step 10

Apply the glue to the cavities in the end pieces and insert the prepared necks at the ends of the cord. Allow the glue to dry. Note: if there are any openings between the cavity and the section with the fastening, spare the glue as it may flow through to the fastening.

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