Difficulty: 3
Techniques: Loom Weaving

Woven bracelet made of PRECIOSA Farfalle™

You can use the ribbon shape of the PRECIOSA Farfalle™ seed beads when working with them on a small weaving loom. Their drop-shaped ends glisten thanks to the magnifying optical effect. Choose from the endless range of tones and surface finishes. Try out various color combinations, patterns and ornaments.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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The bracelet is 2 cm (10 rows) wide. The woven section consists of 59 columns. The full bracelet is about 18.5 cm long.

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Step 1

Fill the warp with 11 threads. Use a shade which is similar to that of the bracelet. Tie off the thread at the edge of the loom. Pull the thread from one side to the other 11x. Once again, tie off the end at the edge.

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Step 2

Thread the F according to the illustration. Cut the long thread diagonally (at about an arm's span). Thread it directly into the eye. String 10x F. Move them along the thread. Leave about 50 cm of the thread free. Press the F to the warp from the bottom, Pass the thread through them from above to create the weft. The weft will be difficult to tighten at the start. This problem will resolve itself after the creation of several columns.

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Step 3

Tying the threads.

Create a complete column on the remaining thread. Leave about 20 cm free at the end of the remaining thread. String a new thread. leave about 20 cm free at the end of the thread. Continue weaving the columns. Tie off the ends of the threads with two knots. Pull the thread into the F and cut it. String about 15 cm of thin tailor's thread in the needle's eye and tie off the ends for easier handling. A large universal loop will be created.
After creating the woven part, you will need about another 50 cm on the remaining thread. You need to tie off the thread; do this at least 3 columns before the end of the woven section.

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Step 4

Cut the 1st and 11th thread in the warp on both sides of the loom frame. Tie them to the 2nd and 10th threads of the warp just behind the woven section. Weave the end bands. Start weaving the remaining thread at the beginning and end of the bracelet using the needle. Weave about 3 to 5 mm. Reinforce the bands with the super glue. Cut the warp from the band once the glue has dried.


Step 5


Glue the bands to the ends.

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