Valentine hearts

Difficulty: 2
TECHNIQUE: basic beadweaving

Heart sewn from PRECIOSA Twin™

Preciosa Ornela has prepared a manual for the preparation of a Valentine heart using PRECIOSA TwinTM Seed Beads for people who are interested in original gifts which have been handmade using Czech seed beads. This is PRECIOSA TwinTM, a unique new seed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM brand. This oval two-hole seed bead enables you to create interesting flat effects, three- dimensional shapes, original structures and lacy patterns a very simply. The wide range of color finishes will enable you to unleash your creativity and to create your own color combinations. 
We wish you many creative ideas when working with the new PRECIOSA TwinTM Seed Bead and with other types of Czech seed beads.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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The drawing depicts the basic procedure for the creation of a sewn flat heart made using PRECIOSA Twin™ Seed Beads. 
By adding another row, you can make the resulting shape of the heart bigger.

Step 1


Start the stringing with a so-called stop bead (figure no. 1a). String 3x T and then also pass the needle and the line through the second hole of the penultimate T (figure no. 1b). This starts the next row: sew 1x T into the gap between the two T of the previous row and add 2x T at the edge and once again also pass the needle and line through the second hole of the penultimate T (figure no. 1c). Continue in this way in the next two rows (figure nos. 1d - 1e). Gradually expand the side walls of the heart in this way. Once you reach 11x T in the row, start to create the individual rounded shapes of the heart. 

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Step 2

Start the right-hand rounded section of the heart in the twelfth row (figure no. 2a). Pass the needle and line through the second hole in the last T of the previous row and gradually add 4x T to the gaps in this row. Also pass the line through the second hole in the last T and continue with the new row, where you will only add 3x T. Once again also pass the needle and line through 
the second hole of the last T and complete the shape by stringing 2x R10 and 1x R10 into the last two gaps between the T. Tighten the line well in the last row, straighten the shape and pass the line back to the eleventh row according to the drawing (figure no. 2b), from where you will then add the left-hand section of the heart. The left-hand arch is sewn on in the same way as the right-hand arch (figure no. 2c). Tighten the final row well, pull the line back through the second hole of the outer T and between the seed beads, tie it off with a knot and sew in the end and the beginning of the line.

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Step 3

You can add a seed bead ring to hang the heart. String ca 10 - 12x R10 and pass the line through the outer gap between the Twin and the rocaille. Connect the ends of the line with a strong triple knot, pull the ends back into the holes of the neighbouring seed beads and cut off any excess.


Step 4


String a row of 8x T, 1x R, 1x T, 1x R, 1x T, 1x R, 1x T, 1x R, 5x T, 1x R, 1x T, 1x R, 1x T, 1x R, 1x T, 1x R, 11x T onto a ca 30 cm long line. End the row by tying both ends of the line and sewing in the free end of the line. String the longer free end through the second hole of the last T and start the outer side of the contoured heart (figure no. 4).


Step 5

In the second outer row, pass the line through the second holes of the already strung Twins and add 1x R between each 
of them according to the drawing (figure no. 5). Add 3x T between the 12th and 13th T in the basic row and add 1x R between each of the other 12 T. Pass the end of the line through the same hole of the T, with which you started the second row, one more time, tighten the whole heart well and straighten it. End the stringing with a knot. Pull the end of the line into the holes of the adjacent seed beads and cut it.

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