Beetle swarm

Difficulty: 1

Flexible bracelets made with PRECIOSA Candy Oval

Try out how easy it is to make a simple bracelet connected with the PRECIOSA Candy Oval beads.

The bead is available in sizes of 4 x 6 mm, 6 x 8 mm and 10 x 12 mm and in many different color variants and finishes. Its shape has a rounded upper section and a slightly bent lower part which makes it reminiscent of a beetle's body

Helena Chmelíková

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Step 1

Cut off about 15 cm of the tailor's thread. Thread it through the eye of the needle. Tie off the ends of the thread. This will create a large loop.


Step 2

Cut off about 50 cm of Opelon. Thread it through the loop of tailor's thread. Fold it in half.


Step 3

Alternately string 10x C1 and 10x C2 onto the doubled length of Opelon. String 1x R between each of the beads. Make sure that the C1 and C2 are facing the same way.



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Step 4

Prepare a second length of Opelon for stringing. Thread it through the second hole of the C1 and C2. Add 1x R between each of them.

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Step 5

Tie off the two lengths of Opelon with two knots immediately behind the material. Maintain the flexibility in both rows. Cut them off about 2 mm behind the knot.

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Step 6

Hidden knots
Do not cut the Opelon loop at the fold. The knot is hidden in a C2. String both rows. Move the material along the opelonu or tug the Opelon through. Thread one length of Opelon through the small loop. Cut the loop of tailor's thread. Tighten the Opelon, but it still has to be flexible. Tie off the lengths of Opelon with three knots. Cut them off about 2 mm behind the knot. Carefully pull the knot into the C2.

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