New plant species

Difficulty: 3
Techniques: Square Stitch

Broach in the shape of an unknown flower made from PRECIOSA Rola™

The PRECIOSA RolaTM seed bead is bound to already be one of your favorites. Today, we present a broach in an unconventional shape which is reminiscent of a flower of unknown origin from distant worlds. We wish you happy beadworking.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Material and Tools

The blue variant


A 16 mm sieve with 9 holes around the circumference; a round broach backing with a diameter of 16-20 mm


A 0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; a ruler; hot melt glue with a pistol


Step 1

String 4x RO1 onto the center of a 50 - 60 cm long line. Use the square stitch to connect the outer RO1 with the middle ones.


Step 2

Thread both ends of the line through the top RO1 and string 1x R into the gap.


Step 3

Use the square stitch to string 1x RO1 above each RO1.


Step 4

Thread both ends of the line through the RO1 and string 2x R into the gap.


Step 5

String 1x RO2 above each RO1 and R. Thread the ends through both.


Step 6

String 1x RO2 above each RO2.


Step 7

Thread the ends through the RO2. String 1x R. Tie it off. Pull the ends in.


Step 8

Repeat 3x. This will result in three large petals.


Step 9

Repeat the procedure in Steps 1 to 5 another 3x. This will result in three smaller petals.


Step 10

Tie the larger petals onto a 50 cm length of line. Thread the line through the 2 lower RO1. Tie them together and leave the long line. You will need it to sew everything on to the sieve.


Step 11

Tie the smaller petals together. Add 1x R between each RO1. Thread the line through 2x. This time pull the line into the surrounding RO1 and R.


Step 12

Sew the larger petals to the sieve. Use the nine holes nearest the center. Attach the petals with the line in every 3rd hole of the sieve. Tie them on the rear of the sieve.

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Step 13

Sew the smaller petals to the holes on the edge. Start at the holes under the larger petals. Attach them by the line behind the R between the individual petals. Attach the smaller petals by the line between the RO1 above the two holes. Tie them on the rear.

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Step 14

Sew the FPB o the sieve above the central holes. Sew through it 2x. Tie off and cut the line.


Step 15

Use the hot melt glue to attach the sieve to the broach backing.

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