Difficulty: 2
TECHNIQUE: simple sewing

Magical ring made using PRECIOSA Candy™

Be inspired by the PRECIOSA color trends for the 2020/2021 autumn/winter season and choose PRECIOSA CandyTM beads in colors that are just right for you. Then use this simple tutorial to create a distinctive ring or earrings which will become an accessory that will catch the attention of everyone around you.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Material and Tools


A ring with a 12–16 mm base; earring butterfly backs with a 8–10 mm base


An ordinary 0.30 mm wire; snipping pliers; glue for use on non-absorbent material


Step 1

Cut off about 50 cm of wire. Start with the top C1 (the narrower part of the ring). Place it in the middle of the wire. Thread the wire through both holes. Thread both ends through the end nearer to the middle.

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Step 2

Add a C1 and C2 close to the middle; one on each end. Thread the wire through both holes.


Step 3

Add a central C2. Thread both ends of the wire through one hole. Thread the ends through one hole each from the C1 and the C2 from Step 2, each one in a different direction.


Step 4

Add the top C1 and C3. Thread the wire through both holes.


Step 5

Add a C2 and a C3. Thread both ends of the wire through the second hole of the central C2. Then thread the wire through one hole each on the C2 and the C3 one more time.


Step 6

Thread the wire through the second holes of the C2 and C3.


Step 7

Add the last C3. Thread the wire through both holes at one end and through the hole nearer to the centre one more time.


Step 8

Tie off both ends of the wire. Pull the wire into the surrounding holes and cut it off.

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Step 9

Glue the sewn rhombus onto the base of a ring or a butterfly clip. You will need two rhombuses for a set of earrings.

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