The first seed bead produced with the new quality cutting production technology.

great precision
8 new sizes
54 colors

PRECIOSA ORNELA introduces its new quality cutting technology for the production of traditional Czech seed beads. The main advantage of this technology is its increased precision, which enables the better adherence to the dimensions of the seed beads.

The first registered seed bead manufactured using this technology is the PRECIOSA Rola™, which we offer in the sizes of 5 x 3.5 mm, 7 x 3.5 mm and 10 x 5 mm. The cylindrical shape of thick glass tubes with a large hole is used and divided into shorter segments. Your playful nature will enjoy the carnival of colors predominantly from the ranks of the exclusive rocaille range, which especially includes PRECIOSA Rocailles with stripes and PRECIOSA Cornelian. We also offer traditional opaque colors typical not only for the American and African continents. Many will also be pleased by the perfection of the crystal cylinders in three sizes with an absolutely precise silver lining.

We can now present the PRECIOSA Rola™ seed bead in an expanded range which includes square sizes! The length of the slightly rounded cylinder is equal to its diameter. At the same time, the first registered quality-cut seed bead still has its large hole.

You can choose from 8 new dimensions: 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 5.3 mm, 5.7 mm, 6.2 mm, 6.7 mm, 7.2 mm and 7.7 mm.

The regular shape of the cylinder in opaque colors is an ideal supplement to the designs of traditional nations. Or perhaps you will enjoy the seed beads with a travertine finish or a neo lining. You can choose from the options on card no. 3096.

Special variants


Art. No.: 341 59 001
Sizes: 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 5.3 mm, 5.7 mm, 6.2 mm, 6.7 mm, 7.2 mm, 7.7 mm
Amount in 1 kg approx: 7260 pcs (size 4.5 mm)
5440 pcs (size 5 mm)
4530 pcs (size 5.3 mm)
3700 pcs (size 5.7 mm)
2830 pcs (size 6.2 mm)
2240 pcs (size 6.7 mm)
1830 pcs (size 7.2 mm)
1540 pcs (size 7.7 mm)


Art. No.: 341 59 001, 341 79 001 (matt)
Sizes: 5 x 3.5 mm, 7 x 3.5 mm, 10 x 5 mm
Amount in 1 kg approx: 10370 pcs/kg (5 x 3.5 mm)
7480 pcs/kg (7 x 3.5 mm)
2600 pcs/kg (10 x 5 mm)

Colors & Coatings


We offer PRECIOSA Rola™ in 54 colors and surface finishes.




You can see the works of our designers, such as Nancy Donaldson, Alexandra Lysenko, Romana Tschunková, Hana Černá, Helena Chmelíková, Karla Mokrošová, Jana Shweiki, Natálie Škodová, Rexpo.


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