Bracelet made using PRECIOSA Chilli™

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Chilli™ pressed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand. The elongated imaginative shape supplements the popular range of two-hole beads with which it has an identical hole spacing.

The axially deviated holes predestine this bead for simple compositions in the form of a zip in the case of a regular stringing on a strong or flexible material, during which the ridge of the bead excellently interlocks into the side groove of the adjacent one. The flattened shape and the side orientation of the holes enable the creation of flat relief applications in combination with round beads and seed beads up to a size of 4 mm. It is also suitable for use with the PRECIOSA Pip™, PRECIOSA Solo™ or PRECIOSA Thorn™ beads. This new bead is suitable for all types of surface finishes.

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Materials and tools:




111 01 357; 4 x 11 mm; 00030/28001; 240x (Marea)

neucesany PRECIOSA Chilli



PRECIOSA Rocailles R6

331 19 001; 6/0; 16986; 30x (yellow)

neucesany zluta


331 19 001; 6/0; 17998; 30x (pink)

neucesany ruzova


331 19 001; 6/0; 09351; 30x (salmon)

neucesany lososova


311 19 001; 6/0; 93140; 30x (orange)

neucesany oranzova

A 0.20 – 0.30 mm nylon line; Opelon; a thin needle; scissors; thin tailor's thread; flat nosed pliers (for flattening the beginning of the line before threading it into the eye of the needle)

neucesany pomucky


The Chilli beads are two-rowed. They have one hole at the edge of the bead and a second in the middle. You need 120 small parts consisting of two Chilli beads with a 6/0 rocaille between them to make this bracelet. It is necessary to make 30 pieces from each rocaille color. Tie six of them into a ring. There will be 20 rings. You can mix the colors as you wish. String the rings onto the Opelon.

Step 1:

Thread the line through the outer hole of the bead in the direction from the inside (the groove) out. Thread the line through the central hole from the outside inwards. String a 6/0 rocaille. Take the second bead. Thread the line outwards through the central hole. Thread the line through the outer hole inwards. Tighten. Tie off the line using three knots. Cut off the ends of the lines as close to the beads as possible.

neucesany 1a


neucesany dilek

neucesany 1dneucesany 1bneucesany 1cneucesany 1e

Step 2:

Use the opening created between the rocaille and both beads. Thread the line through it in six parts of any arbitrary color. Thead the line through the holes once again. Tie off the line with three holes. Cut off the end of the lines as near as possible to the beads.


neucesany prstenec




neucesany 2bneucesany 2c

Step 3:

String about 15 cm of thin tailor's thread onto the thin needle. Tie off the ends. This will lead to the creation of a large loop. You can also use thicker tailor's thread with a large loop.

Step 4:

Cut off about 2x 70 cm of Opelon. Thread them into the loop. Fold them in half. String all the rings. Tie off both ends of the Opelon (there are four strands at each end) with three knots.
Straighten the bracelet.

neucesany 4aneucesany 4b

The bracelet will never retain its shape permanently, so you will have to straighten it. You can extend the bracelet, if you make more parts.

neucesany 6

neucesany 5neucesany 7