Waste glass in a designer product


Designer items made from construction rubble and waste glass Preciosa Ornela's waste glass is being used in decorative items and municipal furniture by the young company, Cementum.

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A Christmas gift set


Preciosa Ornela customers in more than 70 countries throughout the world have received the current calendar, including a small seed bead gift, as a token of thanks for their collaboration throughout the year.

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2022 Spring / Summer trends


Playful élan, creativity and style for everybody. Dedicate yourself to your beadwork with unlimited energy, resourcefulness and room for your creative work. The glass beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand know no limits. Your creative options are also limitless thanks to glass microbeads with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand.

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PRECIOSA White Lining


We present the PRECIOSA White Lining product range of transparent rocailles with a white lining.

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PRECIOSA Luxury Coating


Exclusive surface finishes of the PRECIOSA beads and seed beads.

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PRECIOSA Pearl Pastel Lining


Choose from a pallet of 10 delicate shades of mother-of-pearl linings in shiny crystal seed beads: PRECIOSA Rocailles in two sizes (6/0 and 10/0), cut variant of this seed bead in the 11/0 size, PRECIOSA Drops, PRECIOSA Oblongs and PRECIOSA Triangles.

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