Difficulty: 2
Technique: basic stringing, right angle weave (the divider)

Necklace made from imitation pearls

Imitation pearls from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand first originated as a stand-in for real pearls. They are not a distinctive type of glass bead, but they have a surface finish which makes use of a special technology. The range of sizes, shapes and colors is enormous. You are sure to be able to choose the right ones to go perfectlywith your evening gown. Dark blue beads combined with chaton balls in a multi-strand necklace look rather aristocratic. You can supplement the necklace with a bracelet in the form of a simple stringing or with earrings. However, such a distinctive necklace does not really need many other accessories.

Preciosa Ornela wishes you much enjoyment when making and wearing this necklace.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Materials & Tools

Chaton balls

719 26 001/04; 8 mm; 40010 grey; 11x

Other materials

Metal parts – rhodium or brushed silver: a chain of medium thickness with flattened links; 6 mm rings; a carabiner; a 16 mm pin; any surface finish – 8 mm rings


A 0.20 mm nylon line (for the dividers); a thinner dark grey thread (Belfil-S 50); a thin tailor‘s thread; longer thin needles (for sewing onto the dividers and on the stringing); scissors; snipping pliers; needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers (for flattening the end of the pliers and closing the rings); a ruler


Step 1

Sew the divider.
Reinforce it and secure the 5 strands of the necklace at its ends (fig. no. 1a). Use one of the principles of the „right angle weave stitch“.
You need 4x dividers (fig. no. 1b).
String 54x R onto the line (fig. no. 1c).
Head back and string some more R. In this way, you will create a chain consisting of five loops.
Count of 16x R. Thread the line from the opposite side in the order of the 16th and 15th R. String 6x R. Count of 8x R from the rocailles on the line and thread the line back from the opposite side through the 8th and 7th R.
Add 6x R and count of 8x R two more times. Tie the ends of the lines together with two knots. Pull the line into the surrounding R and cut of the ends (fig. no. 1d).

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Step 2

Cut off two 2 pieces of chain with an odd number of links (fig. no. 2). The length of the chains in this necklace is 21–21.5 cm (the overall length of the necklace is 42.5 cm). You can therefore modify the length of the necklace to suit yourself.


Step 3

Prepare the thread for stringing. Use a thin needle with a large eye or string a thin tailor's thread in the needle's eye (about 10 cm) and tie off the end. This will give rise to a large loop (fig. no. 3a). String about 80 cm of dark grey thread through the loop and tie off the ends of the thread. Fold the chain in half (fig. no. 3b). Pass the thread loop through the central link of the chain (fig. no. 3c). Fold it over the central link in the chain and thread the needle through it. The knot on the thread should be about 2 cm from the chain (fig. no. 3d).

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Step 4

The third strand (fig. no. 4a + 4b). String 1x imitation pearl (IP), the central loop on the divider, 1x IP and the central loop on the divider. Then string 26x beads (24x IP and 2x chaton balls). Add the central loop on the divider, 1x IP, the central loop on the divider and 1x IP. Thread the line through the central loop of the second chain. Return with the thread and thread it through about 3x IP. Tie a knot (fig. no. 4c + 4d). Create a loop with the thread. Thread the needle through it twice (fig. no. 4e). Tighten. Make sure that the thread has not loosened anywhere along the length of the stringing. Thread the needle through another 3x IP. Create a loop in the thread. Thread the needle through it once and tighten. Pass the thread through the other beads and cut it off.

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Step 5

Stringing the 2nd and 4th strands. Prepare the thread (similarly as in step 3). The thread will be about 160 cm long. Secure the thread loop on two 8 mm rings (fig. no. 5a + 5b).  Start the stringing at the dividers, continue according to the illustration (fig. no. 5c). Create an arch in the middle with the threading of the two links in the chain. Thread through the dividers again. String the 2nd strand: 23x beads (21x IP, 2x chaton balls). String the dividers on the other side. Create an arch with the threaded chain. String the 4th strand: 29x beads (27x IP, 2x chaton balls). Complete the stringing. Pass the needle under the thread at the beginning of the two rings, pull the rings out, tighten the strands and secure the knots just as in the 3rd strand.

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Step 6

The stringing of the 1st and 5th strands. Prepare the thread (similarly as in Step 3). The thread will be about 180 cm long. Secure the thread on the rings. Start the stringing at the dividers. Create an arch and string the 1st strand: 20x beads (18x IP, 2x chaton balls). Also thread the needle through the dividers on the other side. Create an arch and string the 5th strand: 32x beads (29x IP, 3x chaton balls), (fig. no. 6). Finish off in the same way as the 2nd and 4th rows.


Step 7

The fastening. Fasten a carabiner with a ring at one end of the chains and about 7 cm of adjusting chain with a connected stop bead on the other end end (IP) (fig. no. 7a + 7b).

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