Foot adornment

Difficulty: 1
Technique: stringing

Accessory made with the PRECIOSA Cornelian Star

Create an exceptional accessory with PRECIOSA Cornelian Star seed beads for relaxing summer moments, wandering in the grass or walking along a beach. You are sure to appreciate the playful line of the shadows occurring at the points of the white stars covered in transparent glass.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Material and Tools


Metal end pieces for cords with a threading diameter of 3.5 mm (diameter 8 x 15 mm)


An ordinary 0.30 mm grey wire; round elastic with a 2 mm diameter; skewers; snipping pliers; scissors; a ruler


Step 1

Cut off around 1.20 m of wire. String about 11.5 cm of KH2 (about 19 beads) into the centre of the wire. String 4x KH1 onto both ends of the wire.

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Step 2

String 1x KH2, 10x KH1 and 1x KH2 onto each end of the wire.

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Step 3

Thread the wired back through 1x KH2 and 10x KH1. The wire will create loops on the end of each arm of KH.

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Step 4

String 1x KH2 in the middle, between the arms of KH and string 1x KH2 onto both strands of wire. Thread the strands of wire against one another. Continue threading the wire through the 10x KH1 and 1x KH2 on the arms.

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Step 5

Insert the skewers into the loops at the end of the arms. Tighten the wire by pulling on the ends of the individual strands.

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Step 6

Create another loop around the skewer. Once again thread the wire through 1x KH2 and 10x KH1 on the arms towards the middle. Tighten.

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Step 7

Once again thread the wire through 1x KH2 and 4x KH1 towards the loop of KH2 on one of the strands (possibly the longest). Also thread it through all the KH2 in the loop. Thread it again through 2x KH1 in the direction towards the centre. Thread the wire through 1x KH2 and 2x KH1 on the second arm towards the loop of KH2. Tie off the ends of the wire with three knots. Thread the ends of the wire through 2x KH1 and snip them off.

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Step 8

Prepare 40 cm of freshly cut elastic and 2x end pieces. Carefully remove the skewer. Thread one end of the elastic through the loops on one arm. String the end pieces onto the other end of the elastic with the narrower openings facing each other. Thread the end of the elastic through the loops on the wire and on the second arm.

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Step 9

Tie two knots at the loops. They should be sufficiently big so that the end pieces remain in place. In the example, the knots are placed about 18 cm from one another. Adapt the distance to the size of your foot. The first knot is a double knot. Twist the elastic into a circle and thread the end through the circle twice. Tighten. The second knot is a simple one. Tie it and tighten.

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Step 10

Cut off the end of the elastic about 5 – 8 mm from the knots. Hide the knots in the end pieces.

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Step 11

Thread the larger loop over your foot with the elastic on your heel. Pull the smaller loop over your big toe.