Delicate Ribbon

Difficulty: 2
Technique: stringing, linking

Bracelet made with PRECIOSA Bow™ and PRECIOSA Candy™ beads

The unusual rounded shape of the PRECIOSA Bow™ Pressed Bead is perfect for combination with the largest 12 mm PRECIOSA Candy™ bead.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

Cut off about 1 m of the line. Thread it through the eye of the needle. Tie on 1x R at one end. This will secure the strung material.



Step 2

String 3x R. Then string 1x B, 1x R, 1x C, 1x R and 1x B and repeat this fragment a total of 7x. String 1x FPB between each of these fragments a total of 6x. Finally, string 6x R. Make sure that the inner rounded section is turned towards the C and the outer arc is turned towards the B.

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Step 3

Thread the line through the second hole. Add R and FPB in the same gaps as during the basic stringing. At the end, string 3x R after the last B.


Step 4

Thread the line through everything one more time. Tie off the end of the line and pull it into the surrounding beads and seed beads. Cut it off.


Step 5

Thread the 6 mm rings through the outer arches from the outer R. Attach the carabiner to one side using a 4mm ring. Cut off 8mm of the adjusting chain. Attach both end links using a 4mm ring on the other side.

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