We are a Green Company

PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s. places great emphasis on environmental protection and endeavours to minimise the negative impact of its production on all aspects of the environment.  In order to preserve the variety, uniqueness and high level of our products, it is necessary to focus on the quality of the used raw materials, research, the development and improvement of the used technology and also the correct environmental behaviour of the company and all of its employees.

PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s. has its own team of specialists/company ecologists who flexibly react to the frequent changes in both national and European legislative regulations concerning environmental protection.

The scope of the environment system

The EMS is applied throughout the entire company. Special care over and above the framework of the legislative requirements is concentrated on the Polubný facility and the Příchovice glassworks. The physical limits are given by the properties owned by the company. The company is aware of the fact that at the very least the production within the framework of its buildings has an impact on the atmosphere and the water in the environs of the facility and it responds to this fact commensurately.
The activities, products and services are resolved within the Company Context on the one hand and in the Handbook on the other hand. The company has sufficient authority and ability to management and influence the EMS.

The main areas of environmental protection include:


All of the produced waste is handled in accordance with the valid legislation, the Waste Act and the implementing regulations. The waste is only submitted to legal or physical entities which are authorised to carry out commercial activities as operators of facilities for the use, elimination, collection or purchasing of the designated type of waste. The waste is correctly categorised, labelled sorted and stored within the framework of our facility. PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s. is integrated in several collective waste return systems (Ekolamp, Ecobat and REMA) and in the Eko–kom collective compliance system.


All of the used and discharged water is handled in accordance with the valid legislation, the Water Act, the implementing regulations and on the basis of any valid decision pertaining to the handling of water. The company has its own biological and industrial sewerage treatment plant, as well as a neutralisation station and a water treatment station. Operating and handling regulations have been drawn up for all of the facilities and approved by the appropriate authorities. The quality of the discharged water conforms to the parameters designated in the permit.


Waste gases from the production technology are released into the atmosphere in accordance with the Air Protection Act. The reduction of the released emissions has been achieved by means of the installation of filtration equipment which has been functionally adapted to the properties of the technology and the released emissions. Several further facilities for the reduction of emissions are currently in the design phase and the investment planning phase. All of the already installed and planned facilities are capable of reducing the required pollutants far below the emission limits. Operating regulations have been drawn up for the given sources of air pollution and approved by the appropriate authorities. The best available techniques for reducing air pollution are selected with regard to cost appropriateness during the modernisation of the technology.


Chemical substances are handled in accordance with the European Community directive known as “REACH” which is being gradually transposed into the Chemical Substances Act. Safety rules approved by the Regional Hygiene Office have been drawn up for the required chemical substances and safety sheets are available for the used chemical substances. The employees are regularly trained in handling chemical substances and mixtures.

Emergency plans approved by the Regional Authority of the Liberec Region and the Municipal Authority in Železný Brod have been drawn up for all of the company's plants.

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