PRECIOSA Cornelian Star Balls

Cornelian Star Bracelet

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents a new type of rocaille combining different types of glass, the PRECIOSA Cornelian Star. A cornelian is a rocaille with a round hole, an intermediate layer of white chalk with a rounded edge and an overlay of transparent glass in purple, black, blue, green, turquoise, yellow, orange and red.

The PRECIOSA Cornelian Star is a new type of cornelian which has an intermediate layer in the shape of a six-pointed star. The points of the white core shine through the transparent color overlay and their shadows create the impression of fine stripes. The PRECIOSA Cornelian Star can be manufactured in a size range from 8/0 to 34. The interesting shadowing effect on the surface especially stands out in the larger sizes.

The PRECIOSA Cornelian Star can be used in the same way as a regular rocaille. Here, we offer a relatively simple tutorial for jewelry made from simple PRECIOSA Cornelian Star balls. 

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Material and Tools:

PRECIOSA Cornelian Star (R)
311 69 001; 6/0; 8 colors (30 pcs)
23798 black, 23708 purple, 33710 blue, 53712 green, 63715 turquoise, 83701 yellow, 93703 orange, 93730 red

kulicky precioas kornelian hvezda kornelian

Scissors; a thin sewing needle; flat nosed pliers (to flatten the line for easier threading through the eye of the needle); a 0.25 mm nylon line

kulicky precioas kornelian hvezda pomucky


It is very simple beading. You can use different sizes and shapes of seed beads.

Step 1.
String 5x R. Tie three knots.

kulicka 1

Step 2.
Place a further 4x R above each of the R from the initial circle. The newly formed circles will be mutually connected. String 4x R by the first established circle. String 3x R at each of the other three circles. String 2x R at the fifth and last circle. Connect the first and the fourth circles.

kulicka 2

Step 3.
Then, create another row of circles. There will be five of them again. Place them above the connection of the previous circles. String 3x R at the first circle. String 2x R at the next three circles. String 1x R at the last one.

kulicka 3

Step 4.
Thread the line through the top 5x R from the previous row, preferably twice. Sew it in.

kulicka 4

kulicky precioas kornelian hvezda 13kulicky precioas kornelian hvezda 16

kulicky precioas kornelian hvezda 6kulicky precioas kornelian hvezda 14kulicky precioas kornelian hvezda 15

kulicky precioas kornelian hvezda 9kulicky precioas kornelian hvezda 11

kulicky precioas kornelian hvezda 10