PRECIOSA ORNELA, a.s. is part of the Preciosa Group and is one of the world's most significant producers of a wide range of glass products made from glass rods and lampworking rods, technical and utility glass and all types of glass seed beads and beads.

Production areas


PRECIOSA ORNELA’S glass factories for the production
of glass and seed beads can be found at two locations
in the Jizera Mountains.
Technical glass and glass semi-products productions
are concentrated in the town of Desná,
a valley surrounded by mountains and forests.


The coloring and final production of seed beads takes place in the village of Zásada.

Few of the things which surround us and accompany us every day have such a rich and fascinating history as glass seed beads. The history of Czech seed beads stretches back to deep into the 16th century, when the first glass furnace was lit in the town of Mšeno in North Bohemia. However, the production of this unique phenomenon (seed beads) has its roots in Venice, Italy in the year 1500. It gradually moved from there to North Bohemia where it was then perfected and the uniquely wide range and quality of products became internationally renowned.
The fairy-tale history of the Czech seed bead is told in the book
“The Magical World of Czech Bead”
which has been published by PRECIOSA ORNELA.

The seed beads produced at PRECIOSA ORNELA are sold in more than 80 countries
on 5 continents in the world. They travel to countries where they are not only used to make costume jewelry, but also in the production of ethnic products, traditional souvenirs, embroidery and clothing appliques or decorative products.

PRECIOSA ORNELA produces around 3 thousand tons of them every year.

Czech seed beads proudly bear the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand,
by means of which PRECIOSA ORNELA guarantees the best quality
and the widest range of colors, shapes and sizes.

150,000 shapes and sizes

Range of 16,460 colors

All range including the glass rods, lampworking rods, technical and utility glass bears the
PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand.

Decorative glass is known by customers under the Desná Since 1847 ® brand.

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