Christmas Tree

Difficulty: 2
Techniques: Stringing

Small Christmas tree made using PRECIOSA Rola™

Enhance the advent mood by making small Christmas trees from PRECIOSA Rola™ Seed Beads in several dimensions before you decorate your "main", full-sized, fragrant Christmas tree. Bring joy to yourself and your loved ones and add them to your gift arrangements.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

String 6x RO1 with 2x R8 between them. Tie them off.


Step 2

String 2x RO2 above the RO1 in a triangle and 1x R between them. String 1x RO2 above the adjacent RO1 and pass the thread through the internal side RO2.


Step 3

Repeat Step 2 another 2 times. This will establish a circle with internal spokes.


Step 4

String by 1x RO1 above each RO1 around the circumference of the circle.

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Step 5

String 1x R between each protruding RO1.


Step 6

String 1x RO1 above each RO1.


Step 7

Connect the newly strung RO1.


Step 8

String 1x RO2 above each RO1.


Step 9

Add 2x R between the strung RO2.


Step 10

Create an internal circle with spokes out of RO3 and R. Use the procedure from Steps 2 and 3.


Step 11

String new RO2. Connect them and add 1x R.


Step 12

String new RO2 and connect them.


Step 13

String RO3. Connect them and add 1x R.


Step 14

String new RO3 and connect them.


Step 15

Put 2x FPB onto the eye pin. Secure the end of the pin with the rubber stop. The lower FPB will be hidden inside the tree.


Step 16

Alternately string 1x R and 2x R above the RO3. Connect them. Insert the pin with the FPB. Tighten. String 1x R above each R and connect them up. You can repeat the connection process. Sew in.

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Step 17

Tighten – move the pin. Shorten the protruding part to about 1 cm. Before snipping, hold the wire above the FPB. Be careful the pin doesn't slip. Grasp the end of the wire between the points of the pliers and twist it around them.

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