Lampworking Rods

Glass rods are mainly used in conjunction with gas burners to produce small glass products


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Preciosa Ornela has continued the tradition of producing lampworking rods and composition glass, the roots of which stretch back more than 200 years in Desná.

We presents a summary of the current range of these glass products under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand which are mainly designed for hand working with a bunsen burner to make small glass products such as figures, beads or other imaginative artefacts.

230 colors of lampworking rods

These are raw materials for the production of lamp beads, glass figures and imitations of precious and semi-precious stones, which are typical for the region of the Jizera Mountains.


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Choose from the range of lampworking rods and composite glass

Lampworking rods


Lenght  750mm
Diameters from 7 to 9 mm
Tolerances for machinery production +/- 0.5 mm


5 kg packages

1 kg hobby packages of lampworking rods, ca 750 mm long
- the packaging contains a range of 14 colors, diameter of rods is 7 mm
- 3 variants of the hobby packages (transparent colors, opaque colors or a combination of opal and alabaster colors)