Winter Princess

Difficulty: 4
Techniques: sewing, wire work

Diadem adorned with PRECIOSA Chilli™ and PRECIOSA Thorn™

Do you enjoy beadworking and want to delight your little daughter? Try making her a headband with cool tones in beads and seed beads from the wide range of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM.

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Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

Prepare the fragments made from CH and T.

The first outer fragment

Thread the line through both holes in 1 CH. Start at the outer hole in the dimple.

String the outer holes of 2 CH, with their dimples facing towards one another.

Pass the line through the second hole of the CH. String 1 T. Pass the line through the second hole in the opposite CH.

Thread the line through the lower hole in both CH.

Thread the line through both holes in the 1 new CH. Start from the middle in the dimple.

Connect it with the lower hole in the first CH. String 1x FPB. Pass the line through the lower hole of the last CH. Tie it off.

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Step 2

The following fragments

The procedure is the same as for the first fragment. They are connected together with rocailles.

Thread the line through the hole in the centre of the 1 new CH. String 5x R. Pass the line through the outer CH of the previous fragment. Thread it back through the R. Thread it through the lower hole in the CH.

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Step 3

Connect a total of 9 fragments.


Step 4

Attaching the fragments to the headband wire

Snip off about 1.5 m of binding wire. String 6x FPB, the FPB from the row of connected fragments and 3x FPB between them. String 6x FPB at the end.

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Step 5

Let about 20 cm of wire extend beyond the FPB at one end. Twist a spiral at the end to hold the beads. Use the wire at the other end to coil around the headband wire.


Step 6

Place the strung section on the headband wire. Place it so that it is more or less centred on the headband wire. The empty ends of the headband wire should be the same length.


Step 7

Start coiling. Coil it 3x in the direction towards the fragments at the beginning of the headband wire.


Step 8

Then coil the wire between each FPB. You have to thread the wire between the FPB and the R between the fragments.

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Step 9

At the end, coil the wire 3x around the headband wire and the binding wire from the FPB. Thread the ends of the binding wire under the loops of wire between the FPB at the edges.

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