LIBA Glass Chunks

Premium glass for glass studios and schools

We present an exceptional material that is suitable for glass blowing, pressing, fusing and other glass working techniques

LIBA Glass Chunks are made from premium LIBA 2000+ optical glass rods produced under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brand


The consistent properties of LIBA 2000+ glass in the form of cut pieces will not only be appreciated by glass studios, but also by schools, for example, as it can be used as a base glass material for further processing.

The physical and chemical parameters are compatible with the LIBA Colors 96 range of coloured rods. You can create an infinite number of colour variants for use in your artistic creations by combining these materials. 

Learn more about the LIBA 2000+ optical rods

Glass studios and schools will appreciate LIBA Glass Chunks as the basic material for further processing



SiO2 68 CaO 6
Na2O 11 BaO 4
K2O 6 ZnO 3
Al2O3 0,6 B2O3 0,1


Hydrolytic class at 98ºC HGB 3
Alkaline class according to ČSN ISO 695 A2
Acidic class according to DIN 12116 1.


Specific gravity ρ 2 580 + 20 kg/m3
Coefficient of expansion α 9.4 ± 0,4 . 10-6 K-1  
Index of refraction nD 1.5200 + 0,0010
Softening point (107.65 dPa s) tL 686 ± 10 ºC
Transformation point (1013.3 dPa s) tg 504 ± 10 ºC
Deformation point (1011 dPa s) td 568 ± 10 ºC

Types of profile

LIBA Glass Chunks

Product is available in the following profiles

The maximum length is ca 10 cm

Standard Packaging

LIBA Glass Chunks

Weight: 500 kg net in a wooden crate on a EURO pallet

Crate dimensions: 120 x 80 x 70 cm


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Radek Laurýn

Sales Representative

Glass Sales Manager