Fish scales

Difficulty: 4
Technique: Right Angle Weave, Stringing

Bracelet made from PRECIOSA Pip™

This a tutorial to make a bracelet using PRECIOSA Pip™. This bracelet is somewhat work intensive, but the result is certainly worth a little patience! PRECIOSA Pip™ proves that it is not a problem to make your own handmade luxury fashion accessories. The axially symmetrical, flattened shape enables the realisation of a semi-metal vacuum finish with the resulting effect of an all-over decoration. The wide range of colors and surface finishes provides an enormous amount of color combinations. The small flat beads copying the rounded shape of the memory wire create the effect of fish scales which sparkle under the water’s surface. You can wear such an accessory with confidence and you are sure to shine at any occasion. You can set it off with a necklace. 

Preciosa Ornela wishes you many new  ideas and much inspiration.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Sew the wide band and then sew the Pips onto it. Regularly tighten it and then string the ends onto the memory wire. 

Step 1

The band consists of 45 rows. Each row consists of circles of six R8, which mutually overlap. The rows have 10 or 9 circles alternately.

1 / a

Step 2

Sew the first two rows at the same time. Alternately sew a circle from the first row, then from the second row and then again from the first row. Repeat this.


Step 3

The third to forty-fifth rows are sewn one after the other.


Step 4

Sew a Pip onto the edge of the loops next to the connection with the next row. Sew a Pip in one shade onto two rows. Order them as  follows: P1, P2, P3, P2.

4 / a

Step 5

The outer circles protrude from the rows with 10 circles. String the top R8 from these circles onto the memory wire. Alternately string a D8, a rib from the memory wire, a D8 or 3x D8 into the gaps. Make loops on the ends of the wire. You can fully close them using the flat nose pliers. Adapt the length of the memory wire ribs (11x) to the width of the band. When snipping the wire, also reckon with the length required to create the loop. Twist the loop on the outer arch and create it with a single pull.

5 / a

Step 6

Thread the wire through the edge of the bracelet, including part of the outer circles. String 1x crimp bead. Thread it through the loop in the memory wire and return to the crimp bead. Connect 4 – 5 cm of chain to the adjacent loops in the memory wire using the ovals.

6 / a


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