Difficulty: 1
Technique: linking, Stringing

Necklace with a bow

Do you have a lot of different shapes and types of beads available and are you looking for inspiration to create a highly effective and at the same time absolutely simple necklace or bracelet? Preciosa Ornela presents a tutorial on how to make an excellent costume jewelry accessory which you can create using any types of beads in fashion colors. Silvery white, royal blue, plum jam, bright pink, dark brown, glossy black, slate grey and black are the bead colors which have been selected for the creation of a glass cluster with a distinctive satin bow. 
We wish you much inspiration when working with the beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

Pin pressed beads of various shapes with centrally located holes. Place the beads on an eye pin. The protruding section of the pin should be about 1 cm long. Snip it off, if it is longer. Hold the end of the pin in the needle nose pliers by the ends of the points and twist the pin around one point. Con-tinue holding the created loop in the pliers and slightly bend it behind the edge of the hole so that it is located centrally above the hole (figure no. 1). The beads will then be strung on the wire behind these loops.


Step 2

Sort the beads at the beginning and decide the order you intend to string them on the wire. The smaller ones should be at the edges, the larger ones near the centre and the largest in the very centre. Mix up the colours: never place two beads of the same colour next to one another. Don’t forget to use the Thorn: it should be strung directly onto the wire without pinning (fig. no. 2).


Step 3

Create a large loop at one end of the wire. String 2x metal crimp beads, 1x F or R and 20 - 30x F or R to create the large loop. Thread the wire back into the first seed bead strung next to the crimp bead and also into the individual metal crimp beads. Tighten the beads strung on the wire and crimp the metal rocailles using the flat nose pliers. String a further 3x F or R behind the crimped beads on both parts of the wire (fig. no. 3). String the prepared beads onto the wire. Allow them to settle freely. String 3x F or R, 2x crimp beads, 1x F or R and 20 - 30x F or R onto the other end of the wire in order to create a second large loop like the one at the other end of the wire. Insert the wire back into 1x seed bead, into the crimp bead and into 3x seed beads. Further pass the wire through several pinned eyes of the peripheral beads. Tighten the wire and crimp the crimp beads. Cut off the reminder of the wire.


Step 4

Fold the ribbon in half and cut the ends diagonally. Thread the ribbon through the end seed bead loops. Double it up. Adjust the length of the necklace around the neck and tie a bow (fig. no. 4).