Opulent reflection

Difficulty: 3
Technique: basic beadweaving, stringing, sewing onto the perforated base plate, wirework

Brooch made of Preciosa beads and seed beads

Warm sunny days provide more opportunities to adorn our spring and summer clothing with costume jewellery accessories. Be inspired by Preciosa Ornela’s trendy colours for this period and create a broach or decoration according to your needs. The dazzling metal reflections from the silvery finish on the beads and seed beads flash with clear unearthly light from the vacuum  decorations and transparent colours. The heavy and cool metallic decoration is optimistically lightened and brightened by the pure colours from the surface finishes and transparent glass. The blue colour shades which have long been highly popular are crowned with refinement due to the metallic finish which is dominated by a darker shade of chrome. 


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Materials & Tools

Other materials

a 20 mm sieve (platinum, silver); a flat cup with a broach mechanism with a diameter of 22 mm; a 0.35 mm wire (platinum, silver)


a 0.20 mm nylon line, a thin needle, scissors, flat nose pliers (to flatten the beginning of the line prior to threading it onto the needle), snipping pliers (for the wire), a flat pointed object reminiscent of the point of a knife or closed scissors


Step 1

Sew five interconnected stars of R6 as the basis of the broach. Sew the first one and then gradually sew the rest. String 10x R6 onto the line. Secure the end of the line by tying on an R10 (a stop bead) or carefully hold the R in place. Count off the third from the end and thread the line through it. Count off the next two and thread the line through again. String 1x R6, count off one and thread the line through. Count off two and thread the line through. String 1x R6 and count off one and thread the line through. Connect the star, tie off the line and sew it in.

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Step 2

When stitching the next three stars, only string 9x R6 onto the line. Add 10x as the side from the previous star. When sewing the fifth connecting star, bring the line out downwards at the side R from the fourth row. String 8x R6 onto the line and thread the line upwards through the side R from the first star. Count off two R from the line and thread the line through. Once again count off two R and thread the line through. String 1x R6, count off one and thread the line through. Count off two and thread the line through. Insert the line into the side R and tie off the line. Add the last point, thread the line through the two central R and add 1x R6 under them and return it to the central one. Sew in the line and hide the ends in the hole of the nearest R.

2 / a

Step 3

Add the drops (D). String one D2 in the middle between each R. Tie off the line and tighten it. String D8 between the protruding R6 along the circumference of the basic flower. String 4x D8 at the tops of the stars and 3x D8 between the two stars. Tie off the line and sew it in.

3 / a

Step 4

Sew the basic flower to the sieve. Place it in the centre of the sieve with the line prepared and the knot at the rear. Insert the line into the opening from below, attach it to the line between the D2 and then head back through the nearest opening. Repeat this several times along the internal circumference. Insert and sew on the PB6 in the centre. Come out at the edge of the sieve. Affix the flower to the line between the R6 in a similar way. Tie off the beginning and end of the line.

4 / a

Step 5

Continue decorating the centre. Bring the line out on one side of the D2. String 4x R10. Thread the line through the R6 rocaille above the drop and the centre D8 from the arch and return to the R6. Add 4x R10 and thread the line through the sieve to the second side of the D2. Repeat this again 4x. Trim it with a central ball. Sew on 3x R10 above the point of the D: do this a total of 5x. Bring the line out and then insert it into the sieve.

5 / a


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