Happy Easter



Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Easter decorations with PRECIOSA pressed beads

The use of glass beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand can be so easy and playful!

Make use of the range of Solgel surface finishes and select from the range of seventeen color shades applied on small glass flowers. You can easily create floral Easter eggs using small pins.

Design: Helena Chmelíková


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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA pressed beads


111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/01134 (turquoise); eggs with waves  36x

vesele velikonoce 00030 01134

111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/01165 (paraffin); eggs with waves 27x; eggs with flowers 33x

vesele velikonoce 00030 01165

111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/01154 (green); striped eggs 17x; eggs with flowers 48x

vesele velikonoce 00030 01154

111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/01181 (yellow); striped eggs 26x; eggs with waves 45x; eggs with flowers 46x

vesele velikonoce 00030 01181

111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/01184 (orange); striped eggs 41x; eggs with flowers 24x

vesele velikonoce 00030 01184

111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/01191 (red-pink); striped eggs 47x

vesele velikonoce 00030 01191

111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/01193 (Bordeaux); eggs with waves 13x; eggs with flowers 55x

vesele velikonoce 00030 01193

111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/01192 (pink); eggs with waves 66x

vesele velikonoce 00030 01192

111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/01195 (purple); striped eggs 45x

vesele velikonoce 00030 01195

111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/01123 (dark purple); eggs with waves 66x

vesele velikonoce 00030 01123

111 01 362; 5 mm; 00030/26443 (yellow); striped eggs 60x; eggs with flowers 36x

vesele velikonoce 00030 26443

A polystyrene egg (40 x 45 mm); gold pins at a length of 1.5 cm; regular tailor's pins (attaching the ribbon); a tape measure; a ribbon with a width of 4 – 8 mm (similar shades to the flowers), glue for polystyrene

vesele velikonoce material pomucky 

The procedure:

Striped eggs 

The lower section of the egg is spherical. The upper section is more conical. Find the line on the egg where both parts of the form have been joined. Start to pin one gold flower after another above the line. Pass the pin through the hole in the flower. Press the pin into the polystyrene. Press it all the way in with your thumb. After creating the gold line, continue pinning the other stripes on both sides in the same shades (red-pink, purple, orange, gold, yellow and green. Put green flowers on top).

pruhovane 01pruhovane 02pruhovane 03pruhovane 04

Eggs with waves

Divide the egg into six parts with a line. Encircle the egg with the tape measure. the length is about 13.2 cm. As such, one section will be about 2.2 cm. Make fine marks. Pin pink flowers to the marks. Place 1 dark purple flower on both sides. Place 1 turquoise flower in the gaps. Imagine that the egg consists of stripes which are not of one colour. Return to the pink flowers. Divide them alternately into threes. You will continue in the same way above them, but upwards in the first three and downwards in the second three. Place 2 pink flowers in the direction of the peaks on one side. Place 2 dark purple flowers on the other side. Place 1 turquoise and 1 dark purple flower into the gaps. Place 1 yellow flower into the other lines above the pink flowers and 3 turquoise flowers above the dark purple ones. Place 1 pink and dark purple flower into the gaps. In the next stripe, add 1 yellow flower above the yellow flower and 3x dark purple flowers above the turquoise flowers. Add 1 pink flower to the gaps. Pin on 2 yellow flowers above the yellow flower in the next stripe. Add 4x pink flowers above the dark purple ones and slightly shape them into an arch. Place 1x paraffin flower above the yellow flowers. Create another arch from 4 or 3 yellow flowers above the pink arch. Create arches from 4 or 3 paraffin flowers above the yellow arches. Create triangles from Bordeaux flowers at the tops. The triangle consists of 3 flowers at one end and 10 at the other.

vlny 01vlny 02vlny 03vlny 04

vlny 05vlny 06vlny 07vlny 08

vlny 09vlny 10 

Eggs with flower

Mark out the egg in six parts with a line. Pin 1 paraffin flower on each mark. Pin on 6 gold flowers around them. Pin 5 green flowers between the yellow flowers. Pin on one stripe of yellow flowers above and below. Add one stripe of paraffin flowers above it. Now place one Bordeaux flower in the next stripe, approximately above the yellow flowers. Alternately pin 2 Bordeaux flowers and 2 green flowers between them in the stripe. Place 1 green flower  above the green flowers in the next stripe. Place 1 Bordeaux on both sides of of these flowers. Place 2 orange flowers in each of the gaps. Place 2 Bordeaux flowers above the green flowers in the next stripe. Place 2 or 1 orange flowers between them. Fill in the tops. The first with 3 Bordeaux flowers. The second with 4 Bordeaux and 3 orange flowers.

kvety 01kvety 02kvety 03kvety 04

kvety 05kvety 06kvety 07kvety 08kvety 09 

The ribbon

Cut off 20 cm of ribbon. Thread the top flower on a regular tailor's pin. Cover the end on the ribbon. Pin them through with the pin. Put some glue on the pointed end of the pin. Insert it in the top of the egg. Let it dry.

kvety 10kvety 11kvety 12