Difficulty: 2
TECHNIQUE: Stringing, basic beadweaving

Two in one: earrings or a tassel

Create the simple components using the unique light shades of lilac and pink according to our tutorial and incorporate them into your own original design. 

We have some new color shades for PRECIOSA Rocailles in the light opaque pastel colors of lilac, pink and delicate lilac in transparent glass. And they result is excellent! These seed beads are available in a number of sizes and in two finishes, rainbow and sfinx, which emphasise their grace.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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John Bead


Luster gallery – guides (4 links long - they can be snipped from longer guides); a medium-sized cap; a carabiner; longish eye pins; 5 mm rings; earring hooks


A 0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; a thread for stringing (Nymo; Belfil-50); a tailor's thread; a ruler; needle nose pliers; snipping pliers (for the guides); flat nose pliers (for handling the rings, flattening the ends of the lines)


Step 1

The ornament

You need 2x 4 guides with 4 links each. If you have a longer guide strip, snip the guides off it. Clean the sides of the guides using the pliers.


Step 2

Connect both sides of the guides together. String 6x R1, the outer link of the guide, 2x R1 and the outer link of the next guide. Thread the line through it two times, so that this has been done a total of three times. Connect the other guide in the same way.

2 / a

Step 3

Also connect the two central links of the guides. String the link from the outside and add 5x R2. Thread the line from inside the link of the next guide. String 1x R2. Repeat everything three times. Tie off the ends of the lines.


Step 4

Pull the shorter end with the knot into the seed beads. String 1x R10 onto the second longer end and thread it through the outer R2. String a new 1x R10. Thread 2x R2. String 1x R10. Thread the line through a further 2x R2, the outer R10 and the R2 and the entire arch of R2. Add the R10 in the same way to the other R2 arches. Sew the line in. Thread it through a loop in the line twice and tighten, hide the end of the line in the beads. Cut it off.

4 / a

Step 5

The tassel

Thread about 15 cm of tailor's thread into the eye of the needle. Tie off the ends and create a large thread loop.


Step 6

Cut off about 50 cm of thread for the stringing. Thread 1x R8 on it. Move it to the centre. Thread the ends of the thread into the thread loop. You will need 4x 6 cm long tassels in shades of purple, pink and transparent purple. String 2x R01, 4x R6, 8x R8 and R10 on the remaining length of up to 6 cm. String the transparent tassel completely using R8.

6 / a

Step 7

Place the tassels together. Align the end rocailles. Tie off the threads. Create a loop from all the threads and thread the thread through it. Tighten.


Step 8

Twist an eye pin under the knot. Thread the end of an eye pin wire into the eye pin loop. Pull it under the knot using the flat nosed pliers.

8 / a

Step 9

Attach a cap and 1x R6 to the pin. Make an eye. Shorten the eye pin wire to about 1 cm. Grip it between the points of the pliers and twist.


Step 10

Open the ring and connect the eye to the carabiner.


Step 11


Open the eye on the earring hook. Hang it in the centre of the R1 ring on the ornament. Close.


Step 12

Open the carabiner and hang it on the ornament.

12 / a




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