Difficulty: 2
Technique: basic beadweaving

Necklace made from PRECIOSA Twin™ and PRECIOSA Solo™

It is possible to use the beads and seed beads from the Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads brand for the simple creation of an elegant and fashionable costume jewellery accessory. Follow the tutorial to create glass lace which you can shape into the required shape of a butterfly or a collar. The colour selection is up to you. Beads and seed beads from the Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads™ brand can help unleash your imagination.
We wish you many creative ideas when working with all types of the Czech beads and seed beads.

Materials & Tools

Other materials

2x 13.5 cm fine chains with eyes (platinum) – a 7 cm adjusting chain (platinum), 5x small ovals (platinum), 1x carabiner (platinum); 

Other materials

A 4 mm thin ribbon, 17 cm long


A 0.20 cm silicon line, a thin needle, scissors, snipping pliers for the chain, flat nose pliers for the ovals and possibly for flattening the end of the line for easier threading of the line through the eye of the needle


Step 1

Sew two separate triangles.
The base consists of two mutually connected small crosses made of pressed Twins (T) which have been alternately strung with rocailles (R) (fig. no. 1a). String 1x R, 1x T, 1x R, 1x T, 1x R, 1x S, 1x R and 1x T onto the line. Tie the line into a circle. Then thread the line through the second hole of the nearest T. Add the missing seed beads from the next cross. String 1x R, 1x S, 1x R, 1x T, 1x R, 1x T and 1x R. Once again thread the line through the second hole of the T from the last cross. You have now finished the second cross and you need to pass the line through it one more time in order to be able to create the next one. As such, thread it through the R, S and T. Thread the line into the second hole at the last T. Repeat the procedure from the second cross. Sew six crosses in this outer row.
Once again thread the line through 1x R and 1x T in the last cross. Also thread the line through the second hole of the T. You can then continue and create the first cross in the second row. String 1x R, 1x S, 1x R, 1x T, 1x R, 1x T and 1x R. Once again thread the line through the T from the last cross and then the R, T, S, T, R and T follow. Thread the line through the second hole of the last T.

1 / a

Step 2

Continue to the second row and sew 5 crosses. The procedure is the same as in the first row. The only difference is that you should thread the line through the second holes of the T from the first row in the opposite direction (fig. no. 1b). At the fifth and last cross, end the threading of the line at the side T twisted towards the third row. Thread the line through its second hole. String a further 1x R and 1x T.
Start creating the third row. This time, you will sew four crosses. Thread the line through the second hole of the last T. Continue the stringing as in the first row and in the same direction. Once you reach the fourth and last cross, thread the line to the next row in the same way as between the first and second rows. 
Sew three crosses in the fourth row in the same direction as in the second row. Once at the top, third cross, continue to the next row in the same way as between the second and third rows.
String two crosses in the fifth row in the same direction as the first row. Once at the second cross, continue to the last and only cross in the sixth row. Sew the line in once this has been completed. Also hide the initial piece of the line in the holes of the nearest beads and seed beads.
Sew the second triangle. Use T inside the triangles. Use the S on the shorter edges which are vytrčené  into space!!!! (figure no. 2)

2 / a

Step 3

Sewing up the triangles and creating the edges and the loops (figure no. 3).
Start with the loop. String 10x R and thread the needle and line through the outer T. Reinforce the loop by threading the line through it one more time. Then string 4x R. Create an arch above the cross from the last row and thread the line through the free hole of the nearest T. Repeat this procedure up to the second outer cross. String 6x R above it. Thread the line into the T of the outer cross from the second triangle according to the illustration. String 1x R and return to the outer T of the second outer cross from the first triangle. Thread the line through this T and the last R of the earlier strung 6x R. String 5x R above the first outer cross of the second triangle. Thread the line into the next T. Then continue in the same way as at the edge of the first triangle, including the loop.
After threading the line through the loop for the second time, once again thread the line into the 4x R above the outer arch. Repeat the entire “path” of threading the edge up to the first loop. Once there, tie off the line and pull the ends into the surrounding seed beads.


Step 4

Attach the chains to the loops using the ovals. Attach the carabiner and the adjusting chain which has been decorated with an S end bead attached to the adjusting chain using an oval to the other ends of the chains. The centre of the necklace between the triangles can be decorated with the ribbon.

4 / a


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