Festive rosary

Difficulty: 3
Technique: Beadweaving, Stringing

Sewn seed seads balls

Preciosa Ornela presents a procedure for creating sewn seed bead balls with its festive rosary sewn from seed beads in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. Beaded beads have long been highly popular seed bead products. We have made use of the expansion of the PRECIOSA Twin™ range and prepared a manual for the creation of sewn twin balls from snow-white chalk refined with the Sfinx and Rainbow surface finish. The procedure for the creation of a hollow ball sewn from rocailles or from Twin seed beads is relatively simple and effective. This creates a light strong ball which can also be included in other types of costume jewellery products. The chosen white-gold seed bead combination has a highly clean and festive effect.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

The balls made using  PRECIOSA Twin™

The ball consists of six identical fragments which are connected together. The centre consists of a small cross made of 4x T, to which a further row of 8x T is added. A total of 12x T is used in the second row. Tie 4x T together (figure no. 1) and pass the line through the second hole in the last T.


Step 2

Add 2x T between each T in the second row and once again pass the end of the line through second hole of the last T (figure no. 2) and string 1x T and pass it through the second hole of the nearest T, by means of which you will commence the next fragment.


Step 3

Then continue by stringing 10x T and pass the line once more through the first T in this row according to the picture and then pass it through the second hole (figure no. 3).


Step 4

Tighten the internal 4 T and pass the line through the holes of the T according to the picture in such a way so that it is possible to continue stringing the other fragments in the same way (figure no. 4). Create the ball circumference from four, sew them into a circle (figure no. 5) and surround it from the top and the bottom with the other fragments in such a way so that 4x are added to the lower side and tighten into a bowl. Pass the line through to the second side according to the picture (figure no. 6), add 4x T, pass the line through the outer hole and it is possible to add a 10 mm bead inside before tightening. The ball consists of six fragments. One ball requires a total of 50x T. The rosary is created from 53 balls.

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Step 5

The balls made from PRECIOSA Rocailles

The ball consists of twelve mutually connected rings sewn from five rocailles. String 5x R6 and tie them in a ring (figure no. 1).


Step 6

Gradually add another five rings to this initial ring in the second row. String 4x R6 and pass the line through the nearest seed bead from the initial ring and the first strung seed bead (figure no. 2).


Step 7

Further string 3x R6, pass the line through the second seed bead from the initial ring and once again through the first seed bead from the previous ring of this second row and the remaining newly strung seed beads. Repeat this procedure according to the picture another 2x. At the end of this row of rings add 2x R6, pass the line through the seed beads from the first ring according to the picture and start the next row. String a total of 15x R6 in this row.

Step 8

String 3x R6 and pass the line once more through two seed beads from the previous row and once again through all the newly strung seed beads (figure no. 3). Then pass the line through the nearest seed beads of the previous row, string 2x R6 and pass the line through the nearest seed bead of the previous row according to the picture and once again through two seed beads of the initial ring and the first seed bead of that ring. Add another two rings according to the picture by adding 2x R6 and at the end of the row add only 1x R6 and pass the line through all of the seed beads which form this last ring. A total of 10x R6 have been added in this row.


Step 9

Pass the line through all five outer seed beads (figure no. 4). It is possible to insert a 8 mm bead before tightening the last ring One ball requires a total of 30x R. 6 balls are necessary to create the rosary.

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Step 10

The seed beads rosary

Connect the balls into a rosary. String 4x R10 between the balls made from Tand 3x chalk R10, one gold and 6 chalk around the rocaille balls. Pass the rocaille rings through the connecting ring. Replace the first R10 piece with R6. Cut 1.5 m of wire for the stringing. Create a loop from the rocaille approximately in the middle above the cross. String the section above the cross on both parts of the wire. Divide them into one hollow sewn ball. Continue according to the diagram. Also string crimp beads on each side, which are used to join the wire, and crimp them. At the end, add the cross using the ring. Adhere an eye pin to the wooden cross and create a loop in it.

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