Name bands

Technique: linking, stringing

Pendant for the fun of it

Cast your mind back to your first school days. The first time you put letters topgether to make words. When you made your own name and that of your very best friends. Do something for yourself or quickly and simply create a small gift for somebody else.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Clips with with a connecting eye or a small carabiner; an eye pin with a length depending on the number of letters in the name (4x = 34 mm, one letter has a hole length of 6 mm); a 4 mm ring

a 1 mm wide cord


Scissors; needle-nose pliers; flat-nose pliers (for the ring); a ruler


Step 1

Thread the individual letters in the name onto the eye pin. The protruding wire should be about 8 - 10 mm long. Grip it between the points of the needle-nose pliers and twist it around the point. Gently bend the created eye next to the edge of the hole so that it is the centre of the hole.

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Step 2

Prepare 40 cm of cord. The cord length will depend on the size of the cord loop (it is 4.5 cm long in the example after completion). If you want it to be bigger, make the cord longer.


Step 3

Cut the edge of the cord diagonally and thread it through the eye created on the eye pin. The shorter section of the cord will be about 10 cm long. Create a loop from both parts of the cord. Thread the ends of the cord through it and tighten.

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Step 4

String 10x R onto the longer part of the cord. Also thread the shorter part of the cord through the initial 5x R.

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Step 5

Make a small mark on the longer part of the cord about 12 cm behind the R (i.e. using a regular pencil). Thread the cord back through 5x R. Place the mark just in front of the R.

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Step 6

Create a knot just after the R in the same way as for the first knot. Tighten. Cut off any excess cord.

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Step 8

You can hang anything from the large cord loop. Surround the item with the loop. Thread the carabiner through the top arch of the loop. Move the pendant and tighten the loop.

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