Corolla super-twisted bracelet

Difficulty: 3
Technique: Linking, Beadweaving, Right Angle Weave

Seed Bead Bracelet Corolla

We present a further unique seed bead from the wide Preciosa Ornela range. PRECIOSA Corolla, a Czech seed bead, which is sure to arouse further attention, has a unique shape. It is made by cutting glass tubes with a four-leafed clover cross section. The surface of this seed bead can be straight of twisted. The shiny gleams of the adjacent surfaces are split by a central line in both variants. This is best used with color painting. You will be able to assess this effect thanks to the bracelet presented here. 


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Materials & Tools

Other materials & tools

A eye pin, 50 mm, copper (it can be shortened), an eye pin, 14 mm, copper, a 6 mm glass bead, purple, nylon line, 0.20 mm, a long thin needle, flat nosed pliers (to flatten the beginning of the nylon) , needle nose pliers , a 25 cm long and 1.5 cm wide ribbon 


The bracelet can be begun from two parts. Create part of the cross or the rhomboid and gradually add further bugles and use the rocailles to slant it. 

Step 1

The cross

String 4x R8 and tie them into a cross. String 1x CST10 and 1x R8 and return to the bugle. Pass the line through one of the first 4 R8. Add 1x CST10 and 1x R8 and then return to the bugle. Circumvent the remaining rocailles from the original 4 and return to the first bugle. Pass the line through the CST10 and R8. Add 1x CST10 and 1x R8. Once again pass the line through the first CST10, the R8 and the added CST10 and R8. Add a new 1x R8 and 1x CST10 and R8 and an added CST10 with a rocaille. Add a new 1x R10 and 1x CST10 and pass the line through the rocaille and the bugle which has already been strung from the second half and through the newly added seed beads. Add 1x CST10 and 1x R8, connect them with the original ones and pass the line through them once again. Add 1x CST10 and 1x R8 from the second half. Add it to the original ones and pass the line through it again. Repeat this procedure up to the rhomboid, where a bugle and 2x CST10 are added and pass the line through the original seed beads and also through half the newly strung ones.

1 / a

Step 2

The rhomboid

String 1x CST10 and 1x R8 and pass the line through half the seed beads from the rhomboid again. Go to the second half, add 1x R8 and 1x CST10 and connect them with the original ones and pass the line through the new strung beads. Add 2x CST10 and R8, pass the line through original beads, including with the R10 and the newly strung beads. Add 1x CST10 and 1x R8, pass the line through the original and newly strung beads and add 1x R8 and 1x CST10 and connect them with the original ones from this half. Continue in the same way. Alternate the fragments with the various slants of the bugles. 

2 / a

Step 3

Connect the two strips. Pass the line through the outer R8, while alternating the strips and adding a further 1x R8 between the R. Upon returning, pass the line back through the added R. Tie the end of the line and pull it in. The end tabs are missing. String the long eye pin onto the outer rocailles and add R8 between them. Connect the beads onto the eyes. Pass the ribbon through the tab and tie the ribbon.

3 / a


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