Necklace with marbles made from PRECIOSA Twin™

Did you play marbles when you were small? You won’t win any competitions with our marbles made from PRECIOSA Twin™, but for all that they are an unmissable fashion accessory which will help you to shine.

Everybody is sure to remember flicking marbles about as a child. We have taken inspiration from the glass and aluminium marbles of our youth to prepare this tutorial for an original necklace. You can choose the combination which best suits you from the wide colour range of PRECIOSA Twin™ seed beads and thus create an accessory which goes brilliantly with your wardrobe. If you create more marbles, you can also easily create earrings or a key chain.
PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you many playful and creative moments in the company of the beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand.

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Materials and tools:


321 96 001; 2,5 x 5 mm; B3004; 600 ks (blue)


cvrnkaci kulicky a



321 96 001; 2,5 x 5 mm; 03191; 180 ks (pink)


cvrnkaci kulicky b



321 96 001; 2,5 x 5 mm; 78392; 180 ks (orange)


cvrnkaci kulicky c



321 96 001; 2,5 x 5 mm; 01710; 300 ks (gold)


cvrnkaci kulicky d



321 96 001; 2,5 x 5 mm; 20119; 180 ks (brown)


cvrnkaci kulicky e


gold -  a large chain; 6 mm and 8 mm rings (24x); a carabiner; 30 – 35 mm pins (12x)


cvrnkaci kulicky f


a nylon line (0.2 mm); a long thin needle; scissors; needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers (for flattening the beginning of the line, closing the rings)


cvrnkaci kulicky g


The procedure:

The marble consists of twelve pentagons which fit together are sewn together one after the other.

Step 1:
String 5x T and tie them off with two knots (fig. no. 1 – drawing, photo).


cvrnkaci kulicky obr.1cvrnkaci kulicky 1

Step 2:
Thread the line through the second hole of the T. String 2x T into every gap and you will have the first pentagon. The others will always have a side (one, two, three or four) in common with the others. One side consists of 3x T. The central T is tilted towards the centre and thus creates a star (fig. no. 2 – drawing, photo).


cvrnkaci kulicky obr.2acvrnkaci kulicky obr.2bcvrnkaci kulicky 2

Step 3:
Thread the line through the second hole of the T. Add 1x T to the gap between the T. Thread the line through the second hole in the next T. String 12x T (4 x 3) and connect them into a circle. Thread the line into the second hole of the T added to the gap. Tilt every third T towards the centre and sew through it. Connect them together. Zigzag the Twins at the edge (fig. no. 3 – drawing, photo).


cvrnkaci kulicky obr.3acvrnkaci kulicky obr.3bcvrnkaci kulicky obr.3ccvrnkaci kulicky 3


Step 4:
Add 1x T to the gap. Come out through the side T. String 9x T (3 x 3). Connect them in a circle to the right-hand pentagon. Add 1x T to the gap. Thread the line through to the adjacent T. Come out in the second hole of the added T. Add the central T, every third one, and connect them. Come out at the edge of the pentagon (fig. no. 4 – drawing, photo).


cvrnkaci kulicky obr.4acvrnkaci kulicky obr.4bcvrnkaci kulicky 4

Step 5:
Continue 2 more times as in Step 4 (the 4th and 5th pentagons).


Step 6:
Add a T to the gap by the 6th pentagon. Additionally string 6x T (2 x 3). Tilt the central T and sew it through. Come out at the edge (fig. no. 5 – drawing, photo).


cvrnkaci kulicky obr.5cvrnkaci kulicky 5

Step 7: 

Continue as in Step 4.


Step 8:
Continue as in Step 6.


Step 9:
Continue as in Step 4.


Step 10:
Add a T to the gaps. Additionally string 3x T. Tilt the central T and sew them through. Come out at the edge (fig. no. 6 - drawing).

cvrnkaci kulicky 6

Step 11:
Continue as in Step 10.


Step 12:
Continue as in Step 10. String 1x T on the pin before sewing the central T. Thread the line through the gap at the central T by the adjacent pentagon. Twist a double loop (fig. no. 7 – a picture of the loop).

cvrnkaci kulicky obr.7


Sew twelve marbles. String the central Twin in a different shade in the coloured ones (4x blue, 2x gold, 1x pink, 1x orange, 1x brown, 1x blue-orange, 1x blue-pink, 1x gold-brown).

Attach them to the chain (6x with one ring, 6x with three rings). Adjust the length of the necklace.


cvrnkaci kulicky obr.8

cvrnkaci kulicky obr.9cvrnkaci kulicky obr.10
Designer: Helena Chmelíková