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Difficulty: 1
TECHNIQUE: knotting


A decoration with infinite uses may well come in handy to you. Use it to touch up a festive table, adorn a floral decoration with dewdrops or create a bead waterfall. You can also use it in your hair. Just choose from the many PRECIOSA beads and seed beads with a wedding theme.


Helena Chmelíková

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You can use this simple technique to tie any material. Surfaces with a central hole or a hole near the edge of the bead or seed bead are the most advantageous. Try decorating a floral bouquet or create a decoration.


Step 1

Cut off about 150 cm of line.


Step 2

String one seed bead. Move it to the middle of the line. Secure it by tying two knots.

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Step 3

Continue towards one end of the line using the same knotting technique. The seed beads should be tied about 1-2 cm from one another. Finish knotting about 30 cm from the end of the line.

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Step 4

Tie the beads to the second half of the line.


Step 5

Decorate the item of your choice. Use the free ends to firmly attach the decoration.

You can adjust the length of the tied line as required.

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