Autumn mood

Difficulty: 2
Technique: linking

Set made from PRECIOSA Farfalle seed beads

Adorn yourself with a necklace consisting of pendants made from PRECIOSA Farfalle seed beads in various shades of purple. This necklace is sure to go with the costume of any fan of fast approaching Halloween. The autumn tones of the seed beads blend with the steel-colored chain, which goes well with everyday and evening wear.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Materials and Tools


A chain with large links (10 links – 8.5 cm); eye pins (7 cm – 13x, 6 cm – 14x, 5 cm – 14x); 6 mm rings (39x); a 5 mm ring (the necklace); 4 mm rings (2x – earring); a 22 mm carabiner; earring hooks


Needle-nose pliers or pliers with rounded points (the loops on the eye pins); flat-nose pliers (2x – closing the rings, straightening the eye pins, opening the chain links); combination pliers (2x – in the case of a strong chain); a ruler


Step 1

The total length of the necklace is 41 cm. The fastening is 2.5 cm (the carabiner and the rings). Prepare 38.5 cm of chain. This length or a similar one must consist of an odd number of links. Open a chain link using two pliers with flat jaws.


Step 2

Use a 7 cm eye pin. If it is twisted, use the flat-nosed pliers to straighten it. Then string a line of F1 onto it. Leave the last 8–10 mm bare. Use that space to create an eye. Grip the bare end of the pin between the rounded points of the pliers. If you're right-handed, hold the eye pin and the F1 in your left hand and twist the pliers in your right hand. Twist the wire around the point. Close the loop. Keep holding the point of the pliers in the link. Gently twist the link around the edge of the F1. Bend the part with the F1 so that the link is horizontal with the table.

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Step 3

Link more F1 pendants onto a 7 cm eye pin, a total of 11x.

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Step 4

Hang the F1 pendants on the chain. Use two flat-nose pliers to handle the rings (there are a lot of rings, so don't let your fingers get tired). Find the central link on the chain. Use a 6 mm ring to hang one F1 pendant there. Hang five pendants on one side of the chain. Then adorn the second side of the chain with the remaining five pendants. Place the pendants in every second link. You can orient the pendant curve to either side; to the left or the right. Orient the outer pendants' curves towards the centre.

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Step 5

Link F2 pendants on a 6 cm eye pin; a total of 12x.

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Step 6

Hang the F2 pendants from the empty chain links using 6 mm rings. You can also orient their curve to either side as you wish. Orient the curves of the outer pendants outwards.

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Step 7

Link F3 pendants on a 5 cm eye pin; a total of 12x.

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Step 8

Hang the F3 pendants in the same chain links as the F2 pendants using 6 mm rings. Orient the pendant arches as you wish. Orient the arches of the outer pendants towards the middle of the necklace.

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Step 9

Attach 2x 6 mm rings to the last chain link on one side. Attach a 5 mm ring to them. Add the carabiner loop before closing the ring.

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Step 10

Create the earrings
Link pendants consisting of 2x F1 onto a 7 cm pin, 2x F2 onto a 6 cm pin and 2x F3 onto a 5 cm pin. Hang one each of the F1, F2 and F3 pendants onto a 6 mm ring. Use a 4 mm ring to connect the 6 mm ring with an earring hook.

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