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Bracelets strung on elastic

Try creating a simple flexible bracelet using the 7.7 mm and 6.2 mm sizes of PRECIOSA Rola™.

We have further expanded our range of PRECIOSA Rola™ seed beads for you. This time, we have selected a shape where the width of the seed bead is equal to its length with the option of using thicker cords in the stringing thanks to the large hole. You can acquire playful shades, surface finishes and colored holes.

Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Materials and Tools

The yellow variant


Round elastic (according to the size of the hole in the RO); scissors; universal glue
(adhesive – non-adhesive); a ruler; end pieces according to the size of the elastic


Step 1

Cut off 50 cm of elastic. Tie a securing knot at the end.

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Step 2

String the RO until you reach the required length. You can string beads in a single color or alternate the colors. If the end of the elastic frays, cut it off and continue.


Step 3

Tie it off with a knot. 50 cm is ideal for a bow.


Step 4

String the end pieces onto the ends of the elastic. Tie an ordinary knot about 2 - 4 cm from the initial knot. Tighten. Cut off the elastic behind the knot. Pull the end piece over it.

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Step 5

You can leave the ends with just a knot and no end piece or you can decorate the ends with RO.

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Tying the knots

An ordinary knot (the red bracelet) - Create a loop from both cords of elastic and thread the ends of the elastic through it.

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A reef knot (the blue bracelet)

Create a small loop at one end of the elastic directly behind the stringing. Thread the other end through it. Twist the loop around and thread the end through it again.

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A bow (the orange bracelet)

Proceed in the same way as when tying your shoes. Tie both ends of the elastic together. Create a loop at one end. Twist the loop around the second end. Create a second "loop" in the created gap.

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