We have expanded the family of popular PRECIOSA Candy™ Pressed Beads

32 colors and finished

We have expanded the family of popular PRECIOSA Candy™ Pressed Beads. We now also offer the decorative PRECIOSA Candy Rose two-hole cabochon in the PRECIOSA Candy Oval version.

The oval base comes in 3 sizes; 4 x 6 mm, 6 x 8 mm and 10 x 12 mm.

There are many options for combining this bead, for example, with the two-hole PRECIOSA Twin™ or PRECIOSA Bow™ shapes. See for yourself and choose from the range of 32 colors and surface finishes. The metallic decors, for example, are also worthy of your attention or perhaps you will be attracted by gold or silver rain on red and green shades.



Colors & Coatings



32 colors and coatings of the PRECIOSA Candy Oval Pressed Bead

Available size: 4 x 6 mm, 6 x 8 mm, 10 x 12 mm

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You can see the works of our designers, such as Alexandra Lysenko, Karla Mokrošová, Helena Chmelíková, Jana Shweiky, Kateřina Václavíková, Kerrie Slade, Natálie Škodová, Romana Tschunková, Rexpo, Hana Černá.

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Contact your nearest dealers of the PRECIOSA beads and seed beads

We distribute Czech glass beads and seed beads with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand all over the world. You can buy them from our distributors.

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