Pour homme

Difficulty: 2
Technique: leather working (hole punching, cutting), stringing, knotting

Leather bracelet with PRECIOSA Rola seed beads

Bracelets have long since ceased to be just for women. Use this tutorial to make a bracelet for a sophisticated man in the subdued shades of the 2024 Spring/Summer trends. The larger sized PRECIOSA Rola seed beads are perfect for this gentlemen's bracelet!


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Material and Tools


A leather strap – 1.5 x 120 cm (eco-leather); a thin eco-leather cord, about 110 cm long; a felt tip (black); ruler; hole punching (preferably with a spring as this is easier on your hands) or a hole punching set (a hole punch with a diameter of 3 - 4 mm at the sharp end with thin walls, a hard pad, a hammer); a cutting knife; scissors


Step 1

Prepare an 18.9 cm long piece of leather with holes. You will need a leather strap that is more than 20 cm long. Mark it with a dot in the centre of the strap about 1.5 cm from the cut end. Use the ruler. Mark the hole positions. The first dot will be used to mark the centre. Mark the following dots at distances of 1.9 cm – 2 cm – 1.9 cm – 2 cm – 1.9 cm – 2 cm – 1.9 cm – 2 cm – 1.9 cm. Accentuate the dots. Cut the leather off 0.7 cm from the centre of the outer holes. Create the holes using the pliers or a hole punch with a hammer on a hard protective pad.

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Step 2

Prepare about 55 cm of the thin leather cord.


Step 3

String 5x3 R on the cord into the 1.9 cm gaps on the leather. Start with the central gap. After filling in the outer gaps, one end of the cord should be about 10 cm long. Tighten the stringing (try to "straighten" it). When the strung strap is placed on the base, it should be slightly curved.

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Step 4

Tie a slipknot using the "hangman's noose" principle. Place both ends of the cord across one another. Fold the long end back about 2 cm from the strap hole. Take the longer end and start twisting it around the shorter end about 1.5 cm from the fold. Create 6–7 twists. The fold will form a loop after the twisting process. The bracelet can be made bigger or smaller by pulling on the shorter end of the cord.

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Step 5

Tie a simple knot 4 cm from the hangman's noose. Cut the ends off about 0.5 cm from the knot.

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