Bedewed flower

Difficulty: 2
Techniques: Stringing

Delicate set made using PRECIOSA Flower

We have a project in delicate dewy shades for talented romantics. Adorn yourself with PRECIOSA Fire Polished Beads and PRECIOSA Pressed Beads in the form of delicate three-dimensional flowers. You can choose from many color shades and adapt the accessory to your mood.


Helena Chmelíková

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Material and Tools


111 33 022; 9 mm; 22310/54302 purple-gold
15x (F)


111 33 022; 9 mm; 22310/54323 purple-turquoise
10x (the earrings: 10x) (F)


The necklace: metal crimp beads (RM); 4 mm rings; a carabiner; a counter-ring; a 0.38 mm white wire 

The earrings: 35 – 50 mm eye pins; earring hooks


A 0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; snipping pliers; flat nose pliers (handling the rings the crimp beads); needle node pliers


The sewn spheres

String 3x the purple variant and 2x in blue. The F have five petals. As such, the hole leads between the petals. String the F through the centre of the petal.

Step 1

Cut off about 70 cm of line. Thread it through an R 2x so that it acts as a stop bead about 15 cm from the beginning of the line.

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Step 2

String 1x FPB12.


Step 3

String 1x R, 1x FPB1, 1x F, 1x FPB1 and 1x R. Thread the line through the FPB12 once again.


Step 4

Repeat Step 3 another 4 times, i.e. for a total of 5 times.


Step 5

Sew through all five "ribs" again. Omit this step, if you are using a thicker line.


Step 6

Only sew through the last "rib" via 1xs R, 1x FPB1 and 1x F. Remove the rocaille stop bead. Sew the end of the line into the remaining part (1x R and 1x FPB1). Tie 2–3 knots. Pull the ends into the surrounding material. Cut it off.


Step 7


Cut off 60 cm of wire. Create an end loop. String 1x RM, 1x FPB4, 1x RM and 1x FPB4. Bend the end of the wire back. Crimp both RM.

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Step 8

String 28x FPB4, 1x R, 1x FPB5, 1x R, 1x FPB8 and 1x R.


Step 9

String the sewn balls. Alternate the colors. String 1x FPB5 around each of them. String 1x R between each FPB5.

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Step 10

Repeat Step 8 as a mirror image.

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Step 11

Create a second end loop. Cut off the wire after completing the stringing.

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Step 12

Use the rings to attach the carabiner and the counter-ring to the end loops in the wire.

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Step 13

The earrings

String 1x FPB5, a sewn ball and 1x FPB5 onto an eye pin. Shorten the protruding wire to about 8 - 10 mm. Grasp the end of the wire between the points of the needle nose pliers and twist a loop.

Insert an earring hook before fully closing the loop.

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