Bedewed flower

Difficulty: 2
Techniques: Stringing

Delicate set made using PRECIOSA Flower

We have a project in delicate dewy shades for talented romantics. Adorn yourself with PRECIOSA Fire Polished Beads and PRECIOSA Pressed Beads in the form of delicate three-dimensional flowers. You can choose from many color shades and adapt the accessory to your mood.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Material and Tools


111 33 022; 9 mm; 22310/54302 purple-gold
15x (F)


111 33 022; 9 mm; 22310/54323 purple-turquoise
10x (the earrings: 10x) (F)


The necklace: metal crimp beads (RM); 4 mm rings; a carabiner; a counter-ring; a 0.38 mm white wire 

The earrings: 35 – 50 mm eye pins; earring hooks


A 0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; snipping pliers; flat nose pliers (handling the rings the crimp beads); needle node pliers


The sewn spheres

String 3x the purple variant and 2x in blue. The F have five petals. As such, the hole leads between the petals. String the F through the centre of the petal.

Step 1

Cut off about 70 cm of line. Thread it through an R 2x so that it acts as a stop bead about 15 cm from the beginning of the line.

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Step 2

String 1x FPB12.


Step 3

String 1x R, 1x FPB1, 1x F, 1x FPB1 and 1x R. Thread the line through the FPB12 once again.


Step 4

Repeat Step 3 another 4 times, i.e. for a total of 5 times.


Step 5

Sew through all five "ribs" again. Omit this step, if you are using a thicker line.


Step 6

Only sew through the last "rib" via 1xs R, 1x FPB1 and 1x F. Remove the rocaille stop bead. Sew the end of the line into the remaining part (1x R and 1x FPB1). Tie 2–3 knots. Pull the ends into the surrounding material. Cut it off.


Step 7


Cut off 60 cm of wire. Create an end loop. String 1x RM, 1x FPB4, 1x RM and 1x FPB4. Bend the end of the wire back. Crimp both RM.

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Step 8

String 28x FPB4, 1x R, 1x FPB5, 1x R, 1x FPB8 and 1x R.


Step 9

String the sewn balls. Alternate the colors. String 1x FPB5 around each of them. String 1x R between each FPB5.

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Step 10

Repeat Step 8 as a mirror image.

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Step 11

Create a second end loop. Cut off the wire after completing the stringing.

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Step 12

Use the rings to attach the carabiner and the counter-ring to the end loops in the wire.

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Step 13

The earrings

String 1x FPB5, a sewn ball and 1x FPB5 onto an eye pin. Shorten the protruding wire to about 8 - 10 mm. Grasp the end of the wire between the points of the needle nose pliers and twist a loop.

Insert an earring hook before fully closing the loop.

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