Rose wreath

Difficulty: 2
Technique: wirework

Delicate headband

Would you like to delight your friends? Try making a headband out of PRECIOSA Rocailles and PRECIOSA Candyaccording to this tutorial.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Materials & Tools

Other materials and tools

A wide oval headband; a 0.30 mm wire (in the shade according of the used beads); snipping pliers; flat nose pliers; a ruler


Step 1

Cut off about 2 m of wire.


Step 2

Fold it in half. Thread 1x R. Shift it to the middle.

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Step 3

String a total of 30x C with 1x R between each one. Monitor the orientation of the front and back of the C. String 5x C with rocailles between them onto one half of the wire. Thread the second half of the wire. Add the missing R. Continue in the same way up to the end. This will create a narrow band which should be as straight as possible. Thread 1x R at the end of one half of the wire. Also thread the second half of the wire.

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Step 4

Place the band of beads next to the headband. Twist the free wires 1x around the headband under the end R.


Step 5

Twist one wire diagonally at the rear of the headband and cross it between the C and across the R. Do this 5x.

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Step 6

Press the band against the headband. Measure the distance of the band from the ends of the headband. Move the headband, if necessary.


Step 7

Cross the second free wire across the first wire at the back of the headband and between the R.

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Step 8

Now hold the band firmly. You can twist the first wire up to the end of the band. Cross the second wire over it.

Thread the wires through 1x R at the end of the band. Tighten.


Step 8

Twist the wires 1x around the headband under the R.

Carefully thread the wires between the side of the headband and the twisted wires. Snip off. Squeeze the ends between the band and the headband.

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