Chocolate with nuts and yogurt

Difficulty: 3
Technique: sewing, stringing

Set consisting of a combination of strung and sewn fragments

Today, you can try sewing a simple fragment from the PRECIOSA Chilli™ and PRECIOSA Candy™ two-hole beads in the 6 mm size.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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The bracelet

String six rows for the bracelet, each of which consists of six sewn fragments. Two rows with Ch and R in the dark chocolate shade, two rows with Ch in the shelled nut shade and R in the cream color and two rows with Ch in the mauve nut shade and R in the white yogurt color. The centre of the sewn fragment is a C.

Step 1

Cut off about 1.20 m of line. String the needle on one end and tie on an R as a stop bead on the other end. String 10x R.

1 / a

Step 2

Sew the fragment. 
String 1x Ch from the ridge through the hole nearer to the bead‘s edge. String 1x C, the distended part should be turned towards you. String 1x Ch through the second hole from the dimple. String the outer hole on the ridge in the Ch
Thread the line through the second hole of the C and the first Ch. Thread the line one more time through the outer hole on the ridge of the first Ch. String 1x new Ch. String it through the central hole from the dimple. Thread the line through the second hole from the  ridge. Thread the line through the central hole from the dimple in the second Ch again. Once again, thread the line through the second hole on the ridge. String another 1x Ch. Thread the line through the central hole from the dimple. Also thread the line through the second hole from the ridge. Thread the line through both holes of the first Ch, start in the dimple. Continue threading the line thorough the C and the second Ch.

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Step 3

String 10x R once again. Sew another fragment. Proceed in the same way until you have six fragments.

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Step 4

At the end, string another 10x R. Cut off the needle and tie an R as a stop bead on the end of the line.


Step 5

Place all the rows together. If they are different lengths, add or remove several R.


Step 6

Thread a 50 cm line through the rows one more time. Thread the line through all the R and the fragments directly, through the first Ch and C and the second Ch.

Step 7

After string and sewing all the rows, place the line together at the level of the last outer R. You can assist by tugging on the individual ends of the lines. Tie a knot just after the R. Create a loop and thread the ends of the lines through it. Tighten. Repeat the knot one more time.

7 / a

Step 8

Open the eye of an eye pin. Thread it under the knot. Close it slightly, for example, using the flat nose pliers. Twist the rest of the wire and press it to the knot.


Step 9

String a cap and 1x R8 onto the wire. Shorten the wire to 8 -10 mm. Twist an eye. Grasp the wire between the points of the needle nose pliers and twist it around the points.

9 / a

Step 10

Repeat Steps 7 and 9 at the other end of the

Step 11

Connect the fastening to the linked eye. Use the rings to connect the carabiner to the other side.

Cut off about 8 cm of adjusting chain. Attach both end links to the opposite side using a ring.

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The earrings only consist of sewn fragments. They must be turned towards each other as a mirror image. Sew one fragment with C with the protruding section facing you and the second with the flat side. Start sewing in the middle of the fragment, in the dimple of the first Ch. String and sew all the Ch and C. Tie off the end of the line and pull it into the surrounding holes and cut it. Glue the flat section of the butterfly back onto the flat side of the C.

12 / a


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