Difficulty: 2
Technique: stringing

Simple bracelet

Interesting, simple and quick to create are just some of the synonyms used for this bracelet. It is assembled from regular flat squares selected from the wide range of two-hole beads under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM brand with the option of combining a variety of finishes.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

The bracelet is 17.5 cm long (the sewn section is 16 cm).

Cut off about 80 cm of line. Thread the line through 1x R twice or tie it off at one end of the line in order to secure the stringing. Thread the second end through the eye of the needle.

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Step 2

String 1x S, 1x R, 1x S and 5x R. String this grouping a total of 8x. All of the S must face in the same direction. The red line.

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Step 3

String 1x S and 4x R. Also thread the line through the second hole of the S. Thread the line through the 1st hole of the S and R and the 2nd hole again. The yellow line. Create a 10 cm gap in the stringing from Step 2.

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Step 4

String 1x R, the 2nd hole of the S, 5x R and the 2nd hole of the next S. Also string this grouping 8x. The green line. Maintain the 10 cm gap when sewing with the line in the stringing from Step 2.

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Step 5

Add an eye made of 4x R next to the end S. Thread the line through both holes of the S and R one more time similarly to in Step 3. The yellow line. Tie off both ends with two knots. Pull the knots into the R and S.

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Step 6

Cut off about 8 cm of adjusting chain. Thread a ring through the R-eye and string both chain links onto it. Close it.


Step 7

String a ring onto the 2nd R-eye and close it. String a carabiner onto another ring and add the already closed ring. Close it.

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