Little garden

Difficulty: 3
Technique: the right-angle weave stitch, sewing onto an earring screen

Clip-on earrings

The creative work using PRECIOSA PipTM Pressed Beads continues! This time in the popular playful tones of the PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Color range. These tones will raise your spirits and make the world bloom and you will look forward to every day thanks to this delicate, fresh accessory.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Arched earring clips


A 0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors


Step 1

The flower

You will need about 30 cm of line. Use the right-angle weave stitch. Thread the line through an R stop bead at the end of the line twice. String 2x R, 1x P, 3x R, 1x P, 3x P, 1x P and 2x R. Thread the line through the R next to the P. Add 1x P and a lower R. Tighten. Thread the line through all the lower R. Tie off the end of the line. Pull the end into the R. Cut it off.

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Step 2

You will need 5 flowers for each earring. You can put the tones together as you wish and also change the middles (PB), (2x yellow + PB3, 2x yellow + PB1, 2x orange + PB2, 2x red + PB3, 2x pink + PB1).

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Step 3

The clips

Attach a temporary line in the upper outer hole on the clip. Thread the line through the adjacent top hole from the bottom.

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Step 4

String the flowers through the gap between the R under the P from the outside. Continue by stringing 1x PB and the adjacent gap from the inside. Thread the line through the second side hole from the top. Return to the top holes from the bottom. Sew through the flower one more time (gap, PB, gap). Once again thread the line through the second side hole from the top. Pass through to the opposite side. Thread the line through the second hole from below.

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Step 5

Sew on another flower. Alternate the sides of the clip and sew on all the flowers.

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Step 6

Sew 3x R8 into the gaps between the flowers. Proceed in the same way as when sewing on the flowers, but as a mirror image turned from the bottom to the top. Also sew through the R8 2x. After sewing on the top 3 R8, release the initial end of the line. Also sew through the top 3x R8 with it. Tie off the end of the line. Thread the line through both R8 and cut it off.

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Step 7

Create the second earring as a mirror image of the first.