Sweetly fragrant

Difficulty: 2
Technique: basic beadweaving

Delicate bracelet made from PRECIOSA Candy Rose

We have recently added engravings which imitate fragrant rose petals to the smooth shape of PRECIOSA Candy™ and we have called this PRECIOSA Candy Rose. Try making this simple, romantic bracelet. You can choose your favourite set of colors.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

String 4x T onto the line. Thread the line through them one more time. Tie off the end of the line. Pull the ends into the T, i.e. into 2 T on each side. Cut off the line. Create a total of eleven crosses.

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Step 2

Cut off about 80 cm of line. Tie on a rocaille to one end. Thread the needle onto the other end. String 2x R and thread the needle through the second hole of any T from the cross. Additionally string 3x R. Thread the line through the second hole from the adjacent T. String one hole of the CR. You now have to string all the CR in the same way and make sure that they are facing in the same direction. Repeat the stringing of the crosses and 3x R and CR 9 more times. String the last cross and 3x R.

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Step 3

Add 4x R to the end gaps. Add 3x R to the side gap. You have now strung 11 crosses and 10x CR. Tighten the end T and R. Thread the line through both holes of the CR and the holes of the T and R around the circumference one more time. Thread the line through one hole of the CR one more time at the end.


Step 4

Continue the stringing in the second holes of the CR and the second, empty holes of the T. String 3x R between the T. Continue stringing and adding rocailles along the entire length of the bracelet.


Step 5

String 2x R into the end gap of the first cross. Strengthen the end. Thread the line through the first 2x R, the second hole of the T, the R between them and both holes of the CR. Tie off the ends of the line in the end gaps. Pull them into the surrounding seed beads. Cut off the line.

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Step 6

Thread the rings under the R in the end gaps. Add the fastening and close the rings.

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